July 14, 2012

BIGBANG Live in Manila

You can never imagine my excitement upon knowing that BIGBANG is coming to Manila for their BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR. When it was confirmed I literally spazzed in front of my computer.

I've always wanted for them to come here and I am in desperate need to see them LIVE. To see them perform LIVE is a treat for me. I will forever thank God if I see them perform live.

Just months ago, I got to watch Evanescence now hoping and desperately hoping to watch BIGBANG's concert here.

I never got to see 2NE1 have a concert here but THIS!!! ALL MY FEELS! I must watch!!!! I've watched their MVs on youtube so many times that I've raeped the replay button so many time already ;A;

To see these performed live would definitely be TOTALLY AWESOME! Tickets price were already announced and I'm itching to buy my ticket NOW! Like NOW! But I have to wait for fellow BIGBANG fans/friends to order so that we'll be all seated together and spazzing like ever! AJDKSL; AJDKSL; AJDKSL; AJDKSL; AJDKSL; AJDKSL;\

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