September 23, 2012


(L to R) Masato, Kotaro, Kyo, Yamato & Angel Taka

It's been awhile since I had new Jrock/V-kei addiction and yes Uchuusentai Noiz is the current one. I've been hearing about them for awhile now but I only paid attention to them recently. They got my attention when they made a cover of a Filipino rock song sang by Kamikazee. The song was Narda.

Here is Uchuusentai Noiz's version ^^

After hearing that, I frantically search for the songs to listen and what do you know, they are good. I love the melody of their music. Masato's voice was raw and was fucking eargasmic. Angel-Taka is just simply mesmerizing and his voice just sends shivers up and down my spine. Yup I found my new love. Ohohohohohohoho.

What's more awesome, this awesome band had been in the Philippines already. They had a concert in Davao I think last year? Correct me if I am wrong but yeah. Now it's their second time to have a concert here. The first one was in Davao and well they also had a two-day mini-concert at Best of Anime 2012.

I was ecstatic to watch them LIVE and FFF I died when I saw and heard them live. When I say they're good, they're FUCKING GOOD HELL YEAH!!!

Here is their introductory part. It's just so awesome and I find it cool. Hahaha. And forgive me at the end of the video, Masato had everybody to stand up and I kinda forgot I was taking the video. And yes, forgive my screams lololol. Fangirl is FANGIRL.

I watched the concert with my friends Nikki, Lunaru and Franz. It's amazing how we managed to get in front. There were these two awesome Japanese girls who were fangirling with us. They're sooo cool.

See the marshalls trying to keep the crowd from spilling into the stage? I actually feel sorry for them, their job was not easy. In our section, there is this table in front of us that acts like our guard so that we won't go running to the stage and grab the band so that we can take them home. Well given the chance, I'd probably do it he he he he hehehehehe.

This is my only video of them perfoming a full song. Hear how eargasmic Angel-Taka's voice is. I could feel the ANGE LOVE BEAM from it XD. The whole song was very hypnotizing for me. Taka's voice is just damn fucking sexy. SEXY SMEXY THAT VOICE OF HIS MY FEELS CANNOT BE CONTAINED!!!!!

Nearing the end of their concert, Taka TOOK HIS SHIRT OFF and I nearly died. Ahahaha TOPLESS TAKA IS HOT and he is prancing around the stage without a shirt and my brain short-circuited. ONE OF THE BEST FUCKING MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! ajdksl ajdksl ajdksl ajdksl ajdksl ajdksl

As you can see it was an amazing and awesome mini concert. Everybody was jumping up and down and just feeling the music. I miss headbanging to concerts like this. It's just freaking awesome despite that being in a mosh pit is not really comfy at all but heck IT WAS FUCKING WORTH IT!!!

I even bought their Best Collection Album gaaaahhh and their new album Meteors is now out. FFFF I hope they sell it here!!!

YES MY FEELS!!! The look of haepiness!

Hoping to watch them live again next year OHOHOHOHOHO <3

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