September 24, 2012


So what's to look forward for this coming weekend? Well let's just say that it's one of the biggest cosplay event in the Philippines. It's normally the event I look out for before Anime Festival Asia. So what's I'm talking about? It's COSPLAYMANIA of course!

I am really looking forward attending Cosplaymania this year because Japanese cosplayer Reika will be there and of course Kaname. Also good Singapore cosplayer friend Jesuke will be back as one of the special guest. Can't wait to see them.

I remember when announced that they will be selling premium pass for Reika and Kaname. The Premium pass allows you for a meet and greet session. I chose the premium pass for Reika since I've met Kaname twice already because of AFA (2010 & 2011). So I will grab the opportunity to meet Reika ahahaha. I must have my polaroid cam ready OR ELSE muhahahaha.

In order to buy these premium pass tickets I have to rush/fly/dash after my comprehensive exams to SM North and buy it. Only 45 tickets out of 100 were available for Reika when I bought my ticket and for some friends too. My friend told me that as of 10AM only 2 tickets were left for Kaname.Talk about insane man. Ahahaha but I kind of expected. It's KANAME and REIKA man.

Reika as Ivan  from Tiger and Bunny
Credits to the photographer

Kaname as Grimmjow from BLEACH
Credits to the photographer

I remember meeting Kaname for the first time last AFA 2010. I died of haepiness. Ahahaha and I still have that photo.

Me & Kune w/ Kaname last AFA 2010
Me, Aruki & Luna w/ Kaname last AFA 2011
Then second time to meet Kaname was just last year AFA.

So this time around I wanna meet Reika hahahaha. Yes I know I am biased but it's Reika man it's FRIKKING Reika.

Her meet and greet session would be on Day 1 Sept. 29 and it will start at 10AM. Queuing starts at 9AM. Looks like I have to wake my ass off really early to prepare since I am cosing that day.

Of course I am excited to see Jesuke again ^^. Last time we've seen each other was when I went to Singapore for my birthday ^^

Kaika, Yuanie, Me & Jesuke

Jesuke as Mai Shiranui from KOF Maximum Impact
Credits to the photographer
Jesuke was Cosplaymania's guest judge last 2010 and now she is back in Cosplaymania as one of their special guest.

Now you know why I look forward for the weekend. Not only that, it's the final for the Tournament of the Champions. Whoever wins TORCH will represent the Philippines in the Regional Cosplay Competition in AFA 2012.

Goodluck to friends who are competing for TORCH especially to Yuu, Bram, Marko and Dom. Good luck guys, I know you guys will be awesome. I will be there cheering for you guys like CRAZY.

And of course, who I'll cosplay on Cosplaymania? Day 1 let's seee, peacock feathers. The character has frikking peacock feathers on her costume (not to worry I did not use REAL peacock feathers). 2nd Day, let's say I will be cheering with a pepsi bottle ohohohohoho

I am actually posting WIP of my cosplay for Day 1 &2 on my FB page, you can check it out.

So see you all guys at Cosplaymania!!! Buy your tickets now and let's exchange cos cards weeeee <3

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