October 15, 2012

Feels Everywhere at Cosplaymania 2012 Part II

Photo by Shoti
I am so sorry for blogging this too late. Anyway, here's part II of my Cosplaymania 2012 experience.

I look forward for this day because of the Tournament of the Champions. Some of my friends were competing for this and I really, really want to support them.

Also, I finally got to have a mini-shoot with Shoti, you might know him at Shutterpuppy. He is a cosplay photographer based in Davao.

I cosplayed Blue Rose from Tiger and Bunny. It was a real challenge to me because well errr her costume is really dangerous to wear. It's a good thing, the whole costume managed to stay on me but I can only wear the costume in a convention for at most 4 hours before it melts on me LOL

Photo by Shoti
I am very happy with this cosplay of mine since it's been my dream to cosplay Blue Rose ever since Tiger and Bunny became a hit. 

So I have two dream cosplays I managed to debut last Cosplaymania. One is Zhen Ji from DW7 and of course Blue Rose. My other dream cosplay which is Seth Nightroad debuted last FQII. 

Special thanks are in order, thanks to Luna for giving me boobs for this lol, your contouring powers is really ze osm. To Alfred who helped me carry my stuff and watch out for my and not just my stuff but others as well. To Kosmo for giving me an original Pepsi Nex bottle. Yes, I can have an original Pepsi Nex bottle!!! Of course it was empty and I had to put local Pepsi inside to add effect.

Let's move forward from this and go to the main reason why I look forward for second day.

As someone who competed for AFA 2010, I look forward who will represent Philippines for the AFA RCC. Last year it was my gwapo-chan daughter Zhel and her partner AC.

Zhel & AC / Photo by Shoti

This year's TORCH is proven to be tough. Since the Philippines bagged the championship last year, whoever wins this TORCH has to defend the title. Yes, it sounded like a boxing match but it bears so much truth in it.

I remember dressing up in a hurry so that I can cheer for my friends who are competing for it. No way I can cheer as Blue Rose but heck I can cheer holding the Pepsi Nex bottle lol. Joking aside, it's easier to cheer if you're wearing comfortable clothes.

I literally lost my voice cheering for friends and all performances was so great it was so hard to guess who
Team "BanKai"
Photo by | z3LL
will win. I was very nervous as if I was the one competing there but I am not. I don't know how to describe it.

Aside that TORCH being so tough this year, it's like all competitors who are competing talked and cosplayed Soul Calibur. It's like Soul Calibur everywhere! Not just that, all groups chose characters that are either mecha or armored. I do admit that it's a current trend. It was armor that made us won AFA RCC 2011 BUT it's just about how awesome the costume is made but also how you perform as well.

I love the details on every team's costume. You would really see they put a lot of effort on it and are all dishing it out to win but of course there could only be one victor. One team to represent the Philippines this coming RCC in AFA 2012.

So you ask who won?

The 1st runner-up is non other than Team MARCH HARUE!!

Yuu & Bram during the Q&A portion
Photo by z3LL
When they were announced that they're the 1st runner-up, the water works are threatening to spill out. It was freaking nerve-wrecking who will be the champions, though i know deep inside, my gut feeling is telling me that, THAT team will win.

And guess what, they did!

Adventure Team: Marko & Dom
Photo by Sammy Magsino
The tandem of Marko and Dom bagged the championship. Waterworks spilled as soon their name was announced. All my feels for this competition poured out. It was overwhelming. My tears are for both Team March Harue and Adventure Team. I know how much Yuu and Bram wanted to win but I know they did their best and for me they are champions as well. As for Dom and Marko, I am so proud of of these two. These two guys are so amazing not as cosplayers but as a person as well.

I know they will make the Philippine Cosplay Community proud on AFA RCC 2012.

Congratulations to all teams during TORCH. You guys are all amazing! Costume wise, skit wise are all amazing!

To Yuu and Bram: I've said my piece already days after Cosplaymania and I will say it again, things happen for a reason, we may never know what this reason is but someday we will know why things happen. As a door closes upon us, a window will open that will rise for another opportunity. You guys have proven damn well enough if not too much how amazing you are as cosplayers and you've shown people what you guys are made of. Be proud of that and continue to stand tall. 8Db

To Marko and Dom: As I said I will keep my promise to you guys on AFA. I wish you all the luck and I promise that I will give it all for you guys on AFA itself. Continue that fighting spirit I've seen and felt from the both of you. You two will have the best adventure as you compete for AFA. We are all there physically and spiritually supporting you two. GO FOR IT ADVENTURE TEAM!!!

My friends watching YOU ALL perform on stage makes me love this hobby more. Thank you for showing us how awesome cosplay can be here in the Philippines.

And I shall end my dramatic yada here lol.

Next event stop for me will definitely be Anime Asia Festival this coming November 9, 10, 11. 8Db To fellow Flipino cosers that are going, see you all guys there!!!

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