October 04, 2012

Feels Everywhere at Cosplaymania 2012 Part I

WARNING: This blogppost will be filled with fangirl spazzing.

Last weekend was how do I suppose to describe it, hmmm... CRAZY! Cosplaymania 2012 was last weekend and it was fucking crazy. It all started for me Friday night. Me and a friend booked a room in Eurotel Makati so that we would be near the venue.

The traffic going to the hotel was, ugh HORRENDOUS. It was payday lats Friday and I was coming from Quezon City. I left QC around 6PM and gaahhh *tears hair* yeah you can imagine the traffic by then.

When I arrived at the hotel met up with Kosmo who accompanied me while waiting for Lunaru, my room mate <3. While waiting, met friends from Davao and Cebu in the lobby. Weeee ahahaha I was squealing and all. OMG sorry about that. It's been a long time since I've seen these people!!! Shout out to Miles, Ban, Kai, Mui-Mui, Pots, Trixi, Kevin, Paolo, Zhel G, Maki, Shoti, Duane, Atom... omg so many of you guys XD

Day 1 is the meet and greet with Reika. Woke up really early like 5 frikking AM since I have to help Luna in her OHMYGOD Okita Souji costume from Hakuoki. Hehehehe. I cosplayed Zhen Ji from Dynasty Warriors 7. I could not spazz like a true fangirl because I dont want to ruin the image of Zhen Ji who is composed and well Empress-like ahahahahahaha. But deep inside my ovaries were popping. I GOT TO SEE AND HUG REIKA!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My polaroid shot with Reika
Thanks Erving <3

I manage to give her a copy of our polaroid shot and my Karina Lyle limited edition coscard. She also gave
Thanks to Sir Steve for this shot
out free hugs for everyone XD I WILL FOREVER LOVE MY ZHEN JI COSTUME BECAUSE HER ESSENCE IS THERE AND I WILL FOREVER CHERISH THIS DAY!!! AHHHH MY FEELS ajdklsajdklsajdklsajdklsajdklsajdklsajdklsajdklsajdk

Of course, this day would not be complete without camwhore-ing polaroid style with my Mahal Viospace <3, Jesuke & Vic Kumiko 8Db

They were cosing characters from UtaPri. Vio mahal you look shoooo cute at Natsuki. I was spazzing internally at you and Jesuke ommgggg soooooo handsome!! Vic soo pretty! Also to their guide Charmie, you BEAUTIFUL THANG YOU!

It's a good thing I was able to see them during Day 1 because Day 2 was too busy I was not able to hang out with them but heck AFA2012 definitely woot woot!

Top: Jesuke, Vio
Below: Vic Kumiko

Thanks for the polaroid shots Nix!

I spend the whole Day 1 hanging out with friends and basically having shoots with friends as Zhen Ji. My whole body ached because of her costume, I was forced to stand up straight and ugh, wearing heels since 10AM until the evening... NOT GOOD. Ahahahaaha I basically KO-ed at the end of the day but cosing with my Dynasty Warriors group was worth it. We were not complete that day but it's all right. WE SHALL HAVE A PROPER SHOOT AND IT WILL BE FUCKING EPIC!!

Dynasty Warriors!!!
Photo by | Kira Hokuten
Me and my BFF Zhang He (Devian Grey)
Photo by | Jrjsiaron
Photo by | Teh Lazie Neko
Special thanks to Berlin's Workshop for making the base of my headpiece and for making Zhen Ji's flute. Super thanks to Kasai for painting the awesome peacock feathers. They turned out really fantastic! To Lunaru for giving me bewbs hahaha. Your contouring skills I must learn!!!!

Photo by Paolo Panganiban

Photo by | z3LL

I always forget to take BTS or convention photos orz, so hard to bring a camera while you're cosing ;A; Hahaah I so fail orz. Anyway to end this here is a group shot from z3LL.

There's part II, I think there are more feels there than Day 1 hahahahaha ohohohohohoho. Watch out for it!

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