October 26, 2012

Good Morning, Lovely

One thing I hate about the coming Halloween, is that my magnetism to the supernatural gets stronger. Like STRONG. Wait... yes, I can sense and sometimes see supernatural things like ghosts, engkanto whatever. So far I have not yet seen a demon. God help me, please just NOT THAT.

So why am I writing this? Well, Halloween is around the corner and I thought why not share the creepy and scary things that happened to me starting today, until Halloween. Hahahahahaha ha ha ha ha.

I start with this story....

I sleep hugging a pillow, burying my face on it and have the blanket cover me from head to toe. My mom hates how I sleep, she says I'm smothering myself to death. I have this habit waking up immediately as soon as my alarm goes off or sometimes before it even goes off. So, one time I woke up before my alarm goes off. I know it was morning but the sun has not risen yet. As soon as I took off the covers and opened my eyes, guess what?


There is this ghost of a girl with a bleeding head STARING at me.

As any sane person would do. I screamed and ducked into the covers.

My mom entered my room and she too saw IT. She approached my bed and pulled me out of it and out of the room.


Apparently, our house because of some bad fung shui (if you believe in it) has become sort of portal to the dead every Halloween. Because of what happened to me, it is a must in the house that we light a candlestick outside of our gate. My mom said that the ghost got lost and thought the house was some portal of some sorts. So we need to light their way so they won't get lost.

I never saw that ghost again. But I do remember the fear I felt then. I don't know why she was there staring at me but that is one wake up call I don't wanna experience ever again.

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