October 29, 2012


Here is me greeting all of you HAPPY HALLOWEEN with this creepy story. No ghost involved here I promise you but creepy nonetheless.

Have you ever experienced sleepwalking?

I did.

Well of course I don't sleep walk anymore but apparently, there is this movie that made me sleepwalk. According to my older sister, we were watching on TV. Both of us could not remember what movie it was but it disturbed me so, that I sleepwalked for three nights.

I can't remember now the story but it involved angels and a prophecy and stuff.

I can't remember now the story but it involved angels and a prophecy and stuff.

Apparently, the movie's name is THE PROPHECY. It has like four sequels and all. I remembered this movie when I was researching for horror movies to watch. The movie's plot is about angels who is at war with each other to protect the survival of the human soul.

I have yet to watch this movie again to remember what made me sleepwalk.

According to my sister, the night we watched this movie I sleepwalked. I got out of bed, went into the sala where my sister was still watching and she said, I was muttering words she could not understand. She tried waking me up by speaking loudly at me but I did not budge. After a minute, I walked back the room and went to bed.

My older sister talked to me about it the next day and I was creep out by it. I know I was dreaming that night but I could not remember.

My 2nd night of sleepwalking, it was the maid who saw me. I went out of bed and went out of the house. According to the maid, I was trying to open the gate but I couldn't. She tried waking me up by shaking me but I could not wake up. Eventually, she managed to pry me out of there and into the room and lay me to bed.

The 3rd night, it was my mom who saw me. She told me she saw me seating straight up on the living room chair with the TV open but I was asleep.She tried waking me up but like the other two night I didn't budge. According to my mom, I got up and went to bed after like 2 minutes.

After that, my mom had to sleep next to me to make sure that I don't sleepwalk. But after that night I didn't. My mom made sure I don't watch any horror or psychological thriller for at least a month.

I don't know why I sleepwalked for three day because of that movie but I am going to find out. I have a copy now of the movie in my laptop. I will watch it again and let's see what will happen. Will I sleepwalk again? Hmmm....

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