November 04, 2012

AFA 2012 - SOON

Anime Festival Asia 2012 is literally just this coming weekend. I am so excited that my feels are threatening to spill out and go haywire.

I would be attending this event with friends: Shout outs to Devian Grey, Nikki Te, Chesra, Cha, Yuu,SnowFallSlasher, Paolo, Giann P., z3LL, Lunaru, Erving, Luna Noctiluca, Ambokiko, Quakey, Dru & Aruki!!!

And of course I will be assisting ADVENTURE TEAM Marko & Dom for the ARCC this year. Along with me is dearest Yuu-chan ^^

I am excited to see Indo, SG, Malaysian and Thailand friends whom I met last year again this year. You guys know who you are!!! SO MANY SO IMPOSSIBLE TO DO A SHOUT OUT XD

So many guests this year not only that I LOVE ANISONG is fully jampacked with stars! There's TM Rev, FLOW, Mayn, etc. etc.

As much as I wanted to watch TMR I will not be able to. Duty calls first. Heck I might not be able to watch any ANISONG concert because hanging out with friends is more tempting this year. You see ARCC 2010 finalist are having a reunion this year so I don't wanna miss that one out. My feels on our reunion!!!

So you might be asking who am I bringing to AFA2012? Well I'm recycling costumes, since these two costumes need more love and bringing them to AFA is so frikking worth it.

L - Seth Nightroad | Trinity Blood
R - Karina Lyle | Tiger & Bunny

My original plan was to bring Seth, then I will bring Zhen Ji from DW7 buuuttt I realize that would be a hassle, since both costumes are pretty hard to wear. Then I decided to bring Blue Rose / Pepsi Nex then I saw the sched of ARCC and flushed down that idea since after the ARCC I just wanted to rest and bond with le feeples. So I decided to bring Karina Lyle, Blue Rose's normal version since I would be having a casual shoot with Aruki on Monday, it saves me space in my luggage 8Db. Plus the normal version is very comfy and I can mover around freely and easy. Hehehehehehe.

I also prepared new coscards to trade with people!!!

Guess which one are the limited and the ones not. Hehehehe. Hoping to collect more coscards this year weeee~~~ <3

My flight to AFA is this Friday early morning like 5:50 FRIKKING AM. I would be arriving at 9:20 AM in SG. Then I would be leaving Wednesday early.

I planned a very simple shoot for this trip. Will be having a casual Tiger & Bunny shoot with Aruki on Monday and we're planning to go USS. XD Then on Tuesday I seriously don't know what will I do. Super free day for me.

So guys who are going to AFA are you ready???

But before I end this blog, I want to promote lol Team Philippines representatives fro ARCC!!! It's none other than ADVENTURE TEAM!!!!


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