November 03, 2012


Last October 24 was one of the best moments of my life. I was able to watch BIGBANG live here in Manila. I never imagine I would be able to watch BIGBANG here live. As much as I wanted to buy VIP tickets, budget didn't allow me. But nevertheless, me and my partner Ian managed to procure upper box tickets 8Db

Please heed that I enjoy the event but there are things that happened that made my vein pop. Read and you will know why.

I left the office around 4PM because I fear of the traffic along Cubao and Makati area. Plus it was raining that day so yeah. When I got there, I texted my friends Ian & Nicole that I would be waiting for them at Starbucks MoA Arena. Since I got there early, I decided to take a peek of the line and ahahaah the line was fucking crazy. My friend Duane who was in line already told me that it was really disorganized. You can't seem to know where the line starts and where it ends.

I also noticed that they don't have marshalls to actually to control the crowd. They only have bouncers who was in front of the line to prevent people from rushing in too quickly creating a stampede.

Oh they only OPENED ONE GATE. So all ticket holders from VIP to General Patronage was in ONE FRIKKING entrance. I don't know who thought of that brilliant idea but ha it sucks. Whoever genius who thought of that pardon me but he or she is stupid. A major one. There are so many entrances in Arena, why couldn't they open one for VIP, one for the Upper and Lower Box and one for General Patronage?

Because of this, the concert started with only 60% of the audience inside of Arena and the rest of the people are still outside in the line, outside the rain. Tsk. tsk. Me and my friends missed one song and one of my friends bought VIP ticket. I also saw a lot of VIP ticket holders who were in the same line as us and the concert was starting. Is this really how you treat your VIPs? Further more why are you so understaffed that I was surprised that no one was guiding us to where our seat is, where is the line etc. etc.

Tsk. tsk. If I didn't love BIGBANG so much, I would not put up with such incompetence. Whoever the head of the organizing team, you deserved to get fired. The planning you had for this event could cause and was asking for a STAMPEDE the fuck.

This is the first time I actually had to run to my seat in a concert and because of adrenalin I only felt so fucking tired at the end of the concert.

But anyway it was fucking awesome despite the disorganization.

I was screaming, spazzing and singing along to the songs of BIGBANG the whole time. It was like cardio exercise man. I didn't care that I was drenched in rain water or if I'm gonna lose my voice the next day. I only cared for BIGBANG and my feels XD

GD & TOP singing HIGH HIGH

Seung Ri

They were singing live and all of them are just awesome singing live.

My ovaries popped so many times for TOP. I've always had a special fondness for TOP. Well I love his rapping voice and his fashion style. I also love his eyes. His eyes are so expressive and he has this look that if he stares at you, you would feel like you're actually melting while squealing inside.

GD is just plain sexy to boot man. He really does have that SWAG. Taeyang is truly YOUR BODEH IS A WONDERLAND!!!! He is such a cutie and most of the time he was the one speaking in English alongside Seung Ri. I nearly died when he performed Strong Baby. And of course Daesung, THAT VOICE CAN GIVE YOU ORGASM!!! I loved Daesung even more now.

They were greeting the crowd in Filipino and its just too plain cute. Especially if it was TOP who was saying it. I KNOW I AM BIASED BUT I DONT CARE! XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

I managed to get some videos of some of the performance. They're just short clips and pardon my out of tune singing, screaming & spazzing. Ahahahahaha

The feels I have for the concert was explainable. Until now I am still have those feels. Cannot get over it so easily yo! Went home feeling like I'm in heaven. If I could roll on my way home with feels I would! Hahahaha

The lightstick I bought

I am fortunate to attend this concert with friends who are BIGBANG fans. Shout outs to Ian, Nicole, Cha, Duane & Eason!!!!

Hopefully BIGBANG comes back here and hopefully the event would be handle by a much better organization team because the one who handled this concert sucks to the core ^__________^. Also, I hope 2NE1 would have world tour here also. SOMEONE INVITE THEM PLOX!!!

So I end this blog of mine with BIGBANG's MV of FANTASTIC BABY!

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