December 02, 2012

AFA12 Day 1: The Story of Suffering XD

Hello, finally I can make a blog about my trip to Singapore last month for Anime Festival Asia 2012. It was held November 9, 10 & 11 at EXPO Singapore. Feels were haywire during those times and I don't want this blog to be filled with ajdksls and aaahhhh right? That is not very coherent at all. No. Nope.

Anyway, I will start my trip to SG at DAY 1 of AFA2012 which I dubbed The Story of Suffering.

It was planned for AFA that we, yes meaning Aruki, Dru, Saku and I cosplay Trinity Blood together. I've wanted to bring my Seth Nightroad to AFA and I've been planning to cosplay TB with Aruki and Dru anyway so we took the opportunity when Saku love asked if we can cosplay together. If you didn't know, Saku is a cosplayer based in Singapore. I met her last AFA 2011. She is such a dear, nice and lovable person.

We thought of having a photoshoot in the morning before going to Expo where AFA is. Thanks to Saku and Alex one of the photographers for picking us up at our hostel. Sorry if we were late. OTL. The night before the shoot we all slept late, for me because I came from the rehearsals of two handsome boys. I was needed there and I have to tend to them before going back to the hotel.

Anyway, we went to Fort Canning for our shoot. It was really hot. Well our costumes are hot. But I have to say the shoot went well despite the heat and well nearly dying in the process.

Super thanks to Giann Potente and Alex Lim aka 8-bit Wonderland for being our awesome photographers. Thanks to lovely Saku for organizing this. You are such an awesome and pretty Esther.

Below is a BTS video made by the lovely Saku. Forgive me if I spoke in Singaporean Accent. I easily adapt to their accent there.

Now some BTS shots, sorry if most of them features Saku (Esther) and Dru (Abel). They just look so adorable together don't you think so? ^///^b

Around 1-ish pm we all decided to go to EXPO in our costumes. It's amazing how we managed to fit ourselves in Alex's car. Most of us KO-ed along the way since there is this long queue of cars going to EXPO. We parked far away from the event hall that pro-longed our suffering because the walk towards the event hall. It's inevitable since the parking near the event is full already. Hahaha yes, TEAM SUFFERING FAITO!!!

I totally melted in my costume but we managed to have some awesome event photos despite dying in our costumes. Pardon if in the photo courtesy of Shiro Ang <3 I don't have my lace cravat anymore. I could not breathe properly with it on my neck. Not that it was choking me its the lace and the heat ;A;. Anyway here are the event photos ^^

I spend my Day 1 mostly inside for one reason, I know I won't be able to move properly inside the event hall in my costume. People kept telling us HOW CRAZY WE ARE to cosplay Trinity Blood in AFA. Yeah, yeah, yeah we brought this to ourselves so we must endure!!!

I want to make most of my cosplay during Day 1 because on Day 2 I will be assisting Team Philippines. It's a good thing I managed to meet all those I wanna meet during Day 1. Shout outs to Kaika, Zeph, Yuanie, Hoshi, Zeasonal, Odessa, Skye, Ashteyz, Shizuka, Vio, Jesuke, Vic, Hexlord, Naoya, Shiro,Nik, Xrystal and a lot lot lot more.

Now I want to share some of the photos during our shoot. Not all, Ive been spamming too much photos in this blog already ^^ Photos were taken by Alex aka 8-Bit Wonderland. You guys should visit his page. He is awesome!!! I love his shots!!!

The following are from GCPotente ^^. Dude you should really get a FB Page for your photography man! XD

So I end this blog with our eternal shout out that day, WHAT TEAM IS IT???


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