December 02, 2012

AFA12 Day 2: The Story of ADVENTURE TEAM

Photo by A.R.C
Day 2 of AFA 2012 meant only one thing for me. The Regional Cosplay Competition. For this year, our representatives were Marko and Dom also known as ADVENTURE TEAM.

I personally volunteered to be one of there assistants and I am glad I did. My experience assisting and taking care of this boys is something I will never forget and I will happily store those memories into my HAEPI FEELS storage in my brain.

I have to say that Day 2 was an awfully long and tiring day. We (Yuu, Lunaru & I) have to wake up around 4AM and travel to where the boys were staying for their make-up and what not. Lunaru and I as a tandem worked on to make the boys look handsome and awesome. Lunaru did an awesome good job on their scars.

The prosthetic scars took some time to dry but it was all worth it in the end.

You must be wondering why we were so up that early? Well the organizers arranged a photoshoot at 10AM that was moved to 11AM lol. So they had to be ready around 9AM-ish. Oh mind you the boys, have four girls assisting them that day. Yes hahaha. I remember Clive telling us that Marko and Dom were lucky LOL.

Anyway let me share to you some BTS shots of them getting prepped up.

Lunaru putting that dem scar on Marko

Hello there Handsome Dom 8Db

Marko all set and ready!

Marko and Dom's shoot with Official Photographer Dhika was just awesome. This Japanese Restaurant in
Inside the Japanese resto
the place they were staying allowed us to shoot inside their restaurant for that FEEL.

The shoot was very successful. I am so happy we managed to get the boys dressed up in time for it.

I can't wait to see the photos from Dhika 8Db.

After the shoot, we decided to get the boys to Expo but before going to Expo, we had them eat Lunch first. Yuu was osm to buy them fruits that they needed for the whole day.

After eating we went to Expo and directly to the holding are of the RCC competitors. When we got there, Team SG and Team Malaysia were already there.

Charmie who is part of our all-girl group assisting team welcome us there already. As soon as everyone settled down. I went off to buy water for everyone. We also asked the boys to relax before practicing their skit for the last time.

Time passes and it was time for the RCC. I started to get nervous, clammy and the coldness of the holding area and backstage started to creep up on me. But I have all faith in the two boys.

Yuu was the chosen Mama-san internal while I'm the Mama-san external. She took care of the boys while they're on back stage while I stayed outside in case they need anything for me to run and get it for them. Charmie and Lunaru stayed with me on the outside.

It's a good thing we found a good spot to view their performance. I remember climbing the yellow railing and banging on the smooth surface of the railing and screaming on top of my lungs just to cheer for them. The three of us (Charmie, Lunaru and I) were really screaming to the point a group of boys awkwardly look at us giving us this look that says "Crazy Fangirls". LOL I DID NOT REGRET WHATEVER I DID!

Here comes the stage photos of their performance!!!

I know still photos are not enough. So here's a video of their performance 8Db

Unfortunately for this year, we didn't bagged the championship. It was Team Singapore who won the championship this years AFA RCC 2012.

Personally I feel sad but that's how life rolls. We win some, we lose some. Despite this, I firmly believe that the boys gained so much even if they lost. They formed the International Boyfriend Club lololol joking aside, they do formed friendship, awe and praise from the Judges. There is something to gain despite losing. For me winning is not everything. It doesn't erase the fact that they showed how good they were. It is fact they gave their most flawless performance ever. Yes we didn't bagged the championship this year, not even a place. It's really saddening. It drove me to tears that they didn't win because I believe they deserve it but it's a reality we have to face. It's a reality we have to accept and be a good sport about it. Whining about it is just plain childish and it would make us look like a bunch of sour losers.

I am proud of Marko and Dom and I know most of you are as well. We should be proud. In fact we did not sorely lose it all. We did win the Singles Competition (This was during Day 1) in the form of Yuu Shomura. We seemed to forgot that she won. There were no runner-ups just a champion and it was her. We won the singles last year too so at least there we got our record still running. Like I said, we lose some, we win some.

Congratulations Yuu-seme dear mwuah mwuah!

After the competition it was like an endless photo-op at the holding area. Lol.

There's so much craziness during Day 2. I went back to the hostel feeling so deadbeat and was ready to faint on my bed but heck it was all worth it. It was fucking worth it.

I end this blog with the tribute that Cosplay.PH made for Adventure Team.

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