February 21, 2013

Amore: A Viewpoint of a VIP

Last February 16, I attended a post-valentine cosplay event at McKinlet Hill, Venize Piazza. I even blogged about going to it. Upon announcement of the event guests for this event, me and friends clamored to buy VIP tickets via pre-order. We really rushed in buying the tickets because the organizers mentioned that they're only limited.

Why VIP? Well VIP tickets promised wine, chocolates, meet and greet with the guests. Such lovely perks right? Was it worth it? Hmmm... was it worth it? I wonder...

I am not gonna sugar coat what I am going to say. As a VIP that day, I didn't feel like I was a VIP. The perks they mentioned specifically only to VIP holders were not met. The only thing met was the meet and greet for the vips. Also they were no specification or even a way to tell organizers and con goers whose VIP or not. Hmmm... 

Another thing, it is normal for events to start late. I would know that, I organized one before. here are last minute mishap about to happen. They said that we can claim our tickets by 1PM. So my friend Nikki and I went to the event if full costume and makeup by 1PM to avail it. When we arrived there, there was only a tent and no tickets yet.

We got our tickets at around what? 4 or 5PM? I can't say but all I know the event started VERY LATE. We are mostly confused all the time because the program flow was not followed and we can't pinpoint who are the marshalls and the organizers are. So looking for the right people to ask this and that was like... huh?

I am very disappointed in fact. I know the event could have been better. I don't know what happened but I think we not just us VIPs but as regular ticket holders deserve an explanation what happened? Everything was late and was purely disorganized.

I felt like I paid Php. 500 just to be in full costume, have a photoshoot and hang around with friends. Which I could have done by spending less than Php. 500 pesos. Really.

What's good about the event that I got to meet and hang out with my good friends and special guests Viospace and Reiko. Not only them but I was able to meet Zeasonal and Yolkler. It was awesome getting to talk to them and hang around with them. I am also very thankful for Lunaru, Kai, Marko, Dom, Nikki, SnowfallSlasher, Luna, Loon, Chesra, Devian, Kasai, Melo, Bok, Alvin, z3LL, Kuri, Red & many more for the company, the fun and laughter. Specially to Nikki who accommodated me in her house for me to change and all. To Kai, to her mom who brought me home after the event.

I cosplayed Reira Serizawa from NaNa. The white dress was made by Devian Grey. I love it sooo much. All accessories were made by me.

(L to R) Devian, Me, Kuri, Chesra, Nikki, Snow & Kasai
Yes we spend most of our time outside the tent rather than INSIDE the tent because it was hot and it was cooler outside.

Me & Yolker

Zeasonal, Lunaru & Me

Dom & moi

Marko & I

Nikki, Kai and Me

Me & my mahal Vio <3

Me & Reiko

All in all Amore for me was not that really good. If not for the international guest, venue, baggage counter (which I am grateful for) and my friends, the day would have sucked. There are so many things to be improved on and I hope the organizers take note of those so that in your future events you will know what to do.

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