February 14, 2013

I Have a Date on Amore a Venezia

Valentine's Day is over but it doesn't mean you can't celebrate it. I will be attending an event tomorrow (February 16) along with my good friends who are my dates that that hahaha.

Taken from Viospace's DA (http://viospace.deviantart.com)
One major reason for me to attend the event, as well as my friends' reason is because our good friends Vio and Reiko from Singapore will be attending the event as special guests ^^b. This is like Vio's nth time here and Reiko's 2nd time. Hahaha Vio you miss the Philippines so much XD.

Also we're attending because our beloved macho gwapito tandem Adventure Team Marko & Dom are also special guests of the event.


And excuse me as I fangirl now because the following two are like amazing cosplayers from Thailand who are also special guests of the event.




I've met Zeasonal and Odessa last AFA2012 and now I will see them again. Meeting Yolkler last FQ2011 was also a treat. Ahhh my poor heart, feels will explode definitely on Amore ^///^

I can't wait for tomorrow to come and for me to debut my cosplay for the event. I'll give you a clue hehehe

Not enough? Here's another one.

To my fellow dates and those attending on Amore, see you all ^^b

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