February 25, 2013

It's Been Awhile UP AME ^^b

Last weekend, precisely last Saturday was UP AME 1UP. I decided to go and cosplay because it's been awhile since I attended AME. Warning! This is not a blog review. I didn't even stayed inside the hall and go around so you won't be seeing a review here. It's more of me blogging about hanging and herpderping with friends in the convention. LOL.

I was not able to go to AME last 2010 because I got sick with dengue OTL. As for 2011, AME was as the same date with AFA2011 so yeah I was out of the country = NO AME FOR ME. 2011, AME was postponed and was moved to 2013. So yeah, it's been awhile UP AME and I missed you.

AME is probably the biggest school org cosplay/anime convention that most of us otakus look forward to attending. I remember AME being held in Bahay ng Alumni and when the place got smaller for a crowd getting bigger and bigger every year they moved to SMX.

This year AME they were at WTC right next to a Bakery Convention (don't ask, I've wanted to go in that convention just for the heck of it and have free samples of cakes and hopia whatever). And also they managed to get Reika as a special guest!!! Wow AME! You just really upped yourselves.

AME 1UP was extremely crowded. A lot of people went. Bought tickets for a main purpose.

1. To avail their baggage counter which I found very unique and very much AME.
2. To help my friend Kai get her tickets to Reika's workshop.

Those tickets actually was reserved by my lesbian lover (lol) SnowFallSlasher but because of her Nihongo classes she could not go and graciously and ever kindly gave us her reservations (She reserved for both timeslot). All we need to do is pay for it. I told Kai that opportunity since last Cosplaymania 2012 when Reika was a special guest she was not able to go to her meet and greet because it was her Finals in school but now she was able to. Thanks to Snow!!

As for me? I gave away mine to a friend from Baguio. AJ wanted to attend her 1:30 PM workshop and me who has met Reika last Cosplaymania 2012 and during AFA2012 at the backstage, I passed on Snow's goodness to AJ. AJ dear hope you enjoyed that workshop!

AME 1UP became like a reunion, saw some old and long time ago friends. Saw college friends and yes friends from Baguio: Shan Li, AJ & Rui. Last time I saw Rui was BLushCon. Shan Li and AJ = Cosplaymania XD. We will be seeing each other again hopefully for Maid to Travel. Met up with Aruki after so long. Last time we met was BLushCon too. Saw Kin Hoshi also and it's been like what? Last year when I saw her? Ikki, Ashley and Uno were there too and it's been ages since I've seen them XD Gahd, AME was indeed a reunion of some sorts.

Me as Yumi | Photo by Azaza
There were so many Kuroko no Basket and Rurouni Kenshin cosplayers during AME but the amount of KnB cosers were great. It's like everywhere I turn there's a Kagami or Kuroko cosplayers. Its has been like this since last year.

It's like Kurobasu EVERYWHERE! So seeing RK cosers is a breathe of fresh air. I was not exactly expecting it. I've decided to cosplay Yumi Komagata Kazenban version. It's like a trial of some sorts for me if I could pull of her daring costume.

It's a KIMONO what's daring about that? Uhhh her Kazenban version, her kimono is SEE-THROUGH. Uhhhh yeah -_-. As you can see my picture to the right, you can see my nude colored spandex shorts. Errr... it was a breezy and cold cosplay for me that day XD.

Yeah so to see RK cosers was like a good timing for me to cosplay and debut her too. Can't wait for our group's official photoshoot I don't know when but all I can say, I am very excited for it. Super thanks to Kasai for sewing this costume. I didn't have time to sew the kimono and I don't know how lol so I have it commissioned. The obi was sewn by me. Thanks to Kasai for the pattern.

It was also awesome seeing Jin as Kenshin that day. Oh yeah, it rained Kenshin cosers too LOL.


I have to say, the whole day was fun despite me not being able to roam around the convention area but heck hanging around with friends once again was such a treat. I DID NOT REGRET ANYTHING!

Now I entertain you guys with some decopic photos of me and friends during AME 1UP

(T to B) w/ Nikki, Loon, Luna, Kai & Lunaru


(T to B) w/ Kuya Wil, Markee, Diego, Miks & Alex

Shout outs to Ian, Dru, Jeyel, Kyo & Aruki

(T to B) w/ Sammy, Charmie & Abu

And of course last but not the least OBLIGATORY GROUP PIC!!! Thanks z3LL!

Ah yesss fun times! Looking forward for AME next year! Next convention for me to attend is this weekend and that's Philippine Cosplay Convention! YAY!

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