March 02, 2013

6th Philippine Convention


Last weekend was the 6th Philippine Cosplay Convention. Went to hang out with friends and well to cosplay of course.

As usual I went o Robinson, Midtown early. Left home around 10 AM and I arrived around quarter to eleven at the venue. My usual stop would be Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves at the second floor.

As usual I went to Robinson, Midtown early. Left home around 10 AM and I arrived around quarter to eleven at the venue. My usual stop would be Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves at the second floor.

Me finally done w/ my make-up
I usually do my make-up there and wait for friends to arrive. What I do is, I order something from CBTL, a drink is fine and get that table near the windows to have ample lighting as I do my make-up.

Now remember, the waiters or security in CBTL didn't shoo me off because I am a paying customer. As long as I am not disturbing the peace of the the customers there I can do my make-up and wait for my friends while in cosplay. It's all about being responsible.

Don't hang out in restaurants or cafes to do your make-up or whatever without ordering anything. That's just plain rude. You'll get chased out definitely.

But of course since I was doing my make-up there were people especially foreigners who just can't help but to ogle at me. How to deal? Just ignore and stay in your own little world. Lol, as you can see I am so used to this XD.

I have to thank Kai for coming early and saved me lol. Since I arrived early I have no one with me so when I needed to go to the bathroom to pee I could not LOL. Kai was my savior! Nikki came soon in her Sailor Neptune cosplay <3 Katz and Ian also arrived but they had to go for lunch so Kai and Nikki stayed with me in CBTL.

Photo by Jrjsiaron
I cosplayed Shuuichi Shindo during DAY 1. I thought I will never survive because despite the tummy/belly showing of a costume, the top and shorts are made out of leather ~~ ugh. I wore it under my dress going to PCC because I find it a hassle to dress up in the venue. I don't wanna hog the bathroom cubicle that long.

Good thing I stayed indoors most of the time but still, the costume was hot. Plus I was wearing a coat, despite the material being thin, it was still hot.

Super thanks to James Ryan for taking my photos. I am not even sure if you knew that you're shooting a yaoi character hehehehehe... now you know.

I spent most of my time hanging around with friends in the upper floors. Never really stayed that much in the event area. The crowd can be suffocating for me OTL.

Now let me take this opportunity to congratulate my seme Yuu Tachibana for winning the COSPLAY COSTUME OF THE YEAR BEST FEMALE! You deserve that award my dear. I've always knew that you're gonna win it ^^b

Congratulations to Markee also. If you remember him, I've featured him in Cosplay Before and Now. He won the COSPLAY COSTUME OF THE YEAR BEST CROSSPLAYER. This is is 4th time to win, he is so unbeatable in that category!

Again congrats to Yuu and Markee!

I also wanna thank the people I hanged out during PCC Day 1 <3 It was always a pleasure hanging around you guys. Filled with laughter and good feels ^^

(T to B) Nikki, Katz, Lunaru & Kai

(T to B) Ashley, Hao, James & Ikki

(T to B) Chesra, Aki, Dru, Franz & z3LL

T to B) Nikki, Kai, Lunaru, James, Dru & Jessica Ouano

So basically that summed up my Day 1 LOL. On to Day 2 ~~~ <3

Again I went there early. As soon as I settled in CBTL I started on my make-up. I even documented it for a Cosplay 101 thing, while preparing, Nikki and Marko arrived to accompany me <3 While doing my make-up we talked about make-up and random things under the sun XD

Super thanks to Nikki for volunteering to be our PA/Saikang that day. ILU girl. Thanks soo much!!!

Done with my cosplay make-up for Rina
Soon, Abu arrived who is part of our group cosplay that day. Katz, Devian, Abu and I are gonna cosplay Suikoden. I was Rina, Katz is my sister Ellie, Devian was Shin and Abu is Riou.

Abu didn't stay long since he needs to find his Jowy lol. I KNOW IT SOUNDED WRONG but you know me ^_~.

Katz arrived sooner, all dressed-up sans make-up. So while she was putting her make-up I changed into my costume since my make-up was already done.

Rina's costume is another hot costume to wear. She is fully covered up. From her legs to her arms. ugh. Good thing the weather that day was cool because it has been raining ^^b

Sophisticate woman yeah | Photo by Paolo Panganiban

Super thanks to Kai who lent me her tarot cards for me to use as Rina's weapon and yes I was able to tower over Katz who is a bit taller than me. As Ellie's older sister I have to be really tall, thus I wore my 4 inches pumps to the convention.

Heels killed the feet, good thing I survived!

Photo by | Paolo Panganiban

I'm so proud of this group. We all look so awesome ajdkslajdksl lol. We wanted more photos but the guards had to shoo us away.

You see, most of the time we were shooting at the mall's balcony. It's really bare and we were not disturbing anyone really but looks like we're no longer allowed to shoot there. All cosplayers have to be in the event area they say. Uhhh... yeah right. With con-goers plus cosplayers you gotta be kidding me. That's suffocating.

This is like SM Megamall all over again -_-. This makes me don't wanna cosplay in cons anymore ;A; but the guards in Rob Ermita are much nicer than the ones in Megamall. Oh well.

Thanks to Paolo, Erving, GC Potente & JamFrame for taking our photos ^^b can't wait to see all of them.

Again thanks to the people who I got to hang out during Day 2. It was really fun hanging out with you all. It's just fab <3

(T to B) Devian, Katz, Panda, Angel Ayanami, Nikki & Giann
(T to B) Bri, Vesty, Jam, Marko & Dom

(T to B) Soleil, Akire & Paolo
PCC would probably be my last cosplay convention to attend for now. Not going to TAGCOM and Ozine but come April I'll be going to MAID 2 TRAVEL in Baguio! WOOHOO!!! /o/

Anyway that's all folks! o>

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