May 07, 2013

Maid2Travel: Summer Good Feels

Late post is late OTL. Anyway, better late than never right? Last month, exactly April 20-21, 2013 I went to Baguio for the event Maid2Travel. I even blogged about my plans going there ^^. Warning! Long post is LOOOONGGG!

Lunaru & I on the bus
I bought bus tickets for Baguio ahead of time to avoid the rush. Quakey, Lunaru and I took the 8PM bus trip to Baguio. So that means, we left after work.

I remember sleeping along the way to get some rest since we will be arriving in Baguio in the early wee of  morning.

Super thanks to Rui and AJ who picked us up at the Victory Liner terminal in Baguio.

It was surprising to see and know that the transient home that Rui who kindly booked for us was walking distance away from the terminal and her dorm. It was frikking so near. Awesome right?

Upon arriving in the transient home, we settled down and opted to sleep more. Lunaru and I were roommates, while Quakey has his own room. We decided to wake up at 10AM and go to the event around lunch time.

I have to thank this opportunity to thank scumbag z3LL XD for calling up before 10AM prompting Luna and I to wake up earlier hahahahaha. Once fully awakened, we prepared for the event.

Rui & I as Hime Sisters
Photo by z3LL
Day 1 of M2T, Rui and I decided to pair up and dressed up as Hime Ane-san sisters. It was fun pairing up with Rui. I remember talking to her on FB PM about what we can cosplay together for M2T. In the end to match the theme of M2T Day 1, we decided to do this concept.

We also attended the seminar that Magnetic-Rose held. The seminar is about how to wear the Yukata properly and how to take care of it. I learned lots from the talk.

Not only that, Sammy (Oh Sammy, it's a good thing I love you XD You owe me one!!! XD) asked us if we can join the Kimono Banzai. If weren't for Rui I would not be able to do it hahaha. I mean, I'm used to doing catwalks but it's still nerve wracking for me whenever I go up and do it.

You know the funny thing about it? I was joking around Rui what if she won the contest, what would she do and guess what? SHE DID WIN! Hahaha way to go Rui!!!

I have to say that intricate Japanese dragon tattoo she did on herself would land her as the winner <3. Congrats my dear ^^b.

I had fun interacting and goofing around in the event. Got to meet Ady and Shan Li again wooohooo! Met new coser friends too from Baguio. It was awesome that Tux Team was also there. I got to meet Kat Carpio again. It's been a long time since I've seen that osm woman hahaha. Also, Nikki managed to attend the event too! Weee <3

Anyway here's a photospam of Day 1

Photo by Charmie

Photo by Ady

Photo by Lunaru

Credits to the photographer

At the end of the event, we (Rui, Ady, Shan, Nikki, Lunaru, Quakey et. al) went to SM Baguio for dinner. Though we went back to the transient first to change and from there we walked lol to SM Baguio. We ate at Pizza Hut (LOL I KNOW DON'T JUDGE US OKAY). After dinner, Shan & Rui took us to the night market. Ajdksl if I weren't on tight budget I would have bought a lot of things there. SO MANY TEMPTATIONS! SO MANY CHEAP STUFFS I DON'TEVENajsklsndjfgndsbfdjnck.

The funny thing is, it was Rui who bought a lot than us hahaha. There were so many people at the night market. It felt like Divisoria, only that I didn't sweat because of the cold weather lol. After that, Shan and Rui took us back to the transient home. Once, we got there, it was only then I realized how tired I was lol. You can say I was able to sleep easily that I woke up early the next day.

My haepi fezz LOL
Photo by Rui
Day 2 of M2T, Lunaru and I with Rui's guidance lol, we went "shopping". We decided to wake up early so that we can do some "shopping" first. Rui took us to the market where Lunaru bought vegetables. Like a lot of them. Hahaha, well veggies in Baguio are cheap and really FRESH. Especially the tomatoes and brocollis. I bought ground coffee and it was so cheap! Ugh. Now I know where to buy my precious coffee <3

As for me, my goal was really SHOES. Yes, shoes. The biggest temptation of my life. Rui first took us to this ukay shop where I bought this mary jane type platforms that I would be able to use for my Hikaru Shidou cosplay. Then she took us to the Boot Xhop. Once we got there, I was like OMG BOOTS EVERYWHERE!!! 

There were so many pair of boots that fitted me so well that I had a hard time choosing which one I REALLY want. Ugh. It was hard but I was able to choose one and I HAVE NO REGRETS!!!

I swear I AM GONNA GO BACK THERE AND SHOP LIKE CRAZY!! Hahahah boots!! shoes!! ahhh why u do this to meee??? LOL

After our shopping, we went back to the transient house and checked out since Lunaru and I are leaving that
Me as Nana Oosaki
Photo by Sean Caburao
night going back to Manila. Rui took us to her dorm for us to change there and prepare for the event. 

For Day 2, I decided to cosplay Nana Oosaki from NaNa. Lol Idk why but I wanted to try to cosplay Nana even just once even if I'm a Reira girl. It's a good thing that I have clothes that are very Nana-like. Actually, most of the clothes are very Nana-like LOL. 

I was able to use the new boots I bought for this. I found it very natural for me to cosplay NaNa. Now, I am tempted to buy my very own Nana wig, since the wig I used is from Rui. Thanks girl for lending it to me.

For the 2nd Day, it was the Butler and Maid theme. AJ joined the Maid Your Service competition as Aki-chan. All I can say is this "ahihihihihi". Oh AJ I will never forget that day. Also, props to Rui who was cosing Gaara pimp mafia style for staying in character almost all the time. Dude how do you do that? I myself have cosplayed stoic characters and I could not keep a poker or stoic face all the time. But you! \m/

Also, the biggest surprise ever. Katz and Ian came to the event! Eventually, they told me they would not go because they have a gig and BAM, I was surprised that they were there! They didn't tell us, so we were shocked! Hahaha, if only someone was able to capture my reaction at that time. 

Now it's time for photospam!

Photo by z3LL

Photo by z3LL

Photo by Lunaru

Photo by HappyHario

I have to say going to M2T was the best thing I ever did for my Summer of 2013. Despite losing sleep and rest, I have to say it was worth it. Super thanks to Rui for taking good care of us. T^T To think we just met last Cosmania 2012 and our friendship is already is like this. Huhuhu Rui miss you so much. To Shan, who I thought was not yet back in the Philippines was a surprise. Lovely to see you again! AJ! AJ! AJ! Hahaha, thank you too and for introducing your osm wig shop to me. To Ady, darling keep up the osmness okay?

To new found friends, Migs, Daphne, Rodz and many more, it was awesome hanging out with all of you!  Sammy dear, it was a great event. Congrats to your and your team darling <3

I have to say, I have a lot of reasons now to go back to Baguio. The weather is really nice and the ukay stores are like EVERYWHERE but of course, it's the people why I wanna go back there. To my Baguio peeps, if things goes well I might visit you guys by December or late January <3.

To end this blog of mine here's a group photo and a video that hopefully will make you smile ^^


When you see it, you shall shat brixx LOL

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