June 28, 2013

28 years old, I just feel like I'm 22

Last weekend was my 28th birthday. Yes, my 28th birthday. I am that old but heck do I even look 28 to you? I am 28 years old but I feel like I'm 22. Lol Taylor Swift much?

Anyway, it's so rare that my birthday falls on a weekend so I took the opportunity and had a birthday bash. My birthday landed on a Sunday. I had my birthday bash last Saturday since I'll be celebrating my actual birthday with my family.

I had my birthday bash in Shakey's in a mall near my place. I have to thank all my friends who attended my birthday bash. I love you all.

Usually for birthday bash I usually invite my closest friends and well those who have been very special for me. These people gave me smiles and supported me no matter what.

My birthday bashes before were filled with friends and loved ones  too but coming to realize, among those friends who among them have really stayed truthful or even cared about who really I am.

The answer was rather obvious. Not all.

But I am happy to say that I am surrounded with genuinely good and loving friends. I am indeed fortunate to have them.

So from the bottom of my heart, I give thee thanks (great I talk like a Vulcan now LOLOLOL). I admit got teary eyed when some of us continued the celebration in Padi's Point, enjoying the sounds and the beer. Hahaha I am so emotional during my birthday bash but trust me, these were tears of joy. I was laughing and crying I don't even lol. But yeah, I was so happy that most of the time I was squealing with glee. So my dear friends, thank you much for indulging this crazy fujoshi friend of yours hahahaha.

Photospam timez :))

Me and Huggly Bear Giann :)

(From Top to Bottom) Surprise greeting and visit from Rui all the way from Baguio woohooo, College friend Mara,  My ever first seme & colle friend Mishi & My dearest son Erving <3 (>^^)>

(From Top to Bottom) Good coser friend Gin, My dearest Lunaru, Forever adorbs Kai & My ever fashionista and good buddy Duaney from Davao <3

(From Top to Bottom) Mah lesbian lover Ricah chuuu, My bebe Nikki chuu, Rolling in good feel friend Chesra, and My Partner Ian <3

(From Top to Bottom) My BFF Katz chuu, Awesome Dom, Cool Marko-danna and of course my Itay Franz who spoils me too much <3
On the far-left is Kuya Wilbert who gave me so many gifts ;A; I love you Kuya. Hahahaha
Thanks to whoever took this photo :))

Obligatory GROUP photo :)
Thanks Kuya Wilbert for this <3
So my birthday bash with my friends ended in good and happy feels. Thank you for your gifts, fun stories, hearty laughters, for the good beer moments in Padi's Point. Thanks to the boys and Gin for walking me home that night. Ahahaha it was sooo nice <3


Now I share with you my celebration with my family on my actual birthday which was last Sunday. My mom reserved us seats at Restaurant 101 in Robinsons Magnolia in New Manila.  Loving that restaurant. The food was good and I like the atmosphere.

Celebrated with my aunt and cousin from the states. It also included the household help and drivers of the family. It's kind of bit sad that my father and my other sisters were not there but thank you for the greetings and gifts. Love you all <3

Photospam again!!!

My Birthday Shirt :))

(Top to Bottom) Group shot me of me with Eloi, Pong my lil sis and my cousin Tonette, group photo of me, Pong and my Mom <3

(Top to Bottom) Group Shot, Group shot now with my Ninang and a group shot including my Aunt from the States.
At my age I don't really expect people in giving me gifts but I do appreciate it when I am given. Thank you for the gifts my lovelies. It was very touching and seriously to my friends your presence, support and friendship is all ever I could have for and you have given me that. To my family, nothing beats your love and support for me :)

ADVENTURE CAKE hohohoh Thanks Marko and Dom <3

Kuya Wilbert thanks for the Koge-pans (YES ALL OF THEM), Ricah chuu thanks for the stockings, Nikki chuu thanks for the bottom lashes, Lunaru dear danke for the keychain, Kai baby for the spiked bracelets, Mara for the fancy bracelet, Mishi-pon thanks for the VS lipstick, Duaney thanks for the earrings and ring and of course Saku waifu thanks for the perfume :)

To my Itay Franz thanks for this book <3 I'm reading it right now.

And TO YOU yes, you know who you are <3 THANKS FOR THIS (WARNING NSFW, DISTURBING CONTENT) lolololol. Ohohohohohohoho and guys DONT JUDGE ME FOR IT OKAY? SnK fandom brings out the weird kinks in me :))

Yes, I am now 28 years old but I feel 22 meaning I still feel young, young at heart hahahaha :)) Peace out guys!

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