June 02, 2013

Queen of Skullz

Top | J Honey

Delayed outfit post is super delayed hahaha but here it is nonetheless :) Wore this during my trip to Baguio last summer.

The top I'm wearing was a gift from my good friend Yuu <3 who I miss terribly at the moment :) This is for you dearie MWUAH.

Leggings | YRYS
Creepers | PackThis!

Earrings | Dorotee Sweetlips

My wig looks horrible at this moment but still looks nice hahaha. 

Connector Ring | Dorotee Sweetlips

Loving this connector ring I bought from Dorotee Sweetlips <3

Necklace | Japanista

Bling bling cross ohfuckyeah \m/

Special thanks to Nikki for taking my photos :)

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