July 23, 2013

Cosfest 2013 (Day 1 & Day 2) + Extra

Credits to the photographer / Grabbed from the Cosfest Official FB Page

Sooooo, as I mentioned in my previous blog entry that me and couple of friends went over SG for Cosfest XIII. Like I promised, here is my blog about Day 1 ^^b

I have to say, for the first time cosplaying internationally I did not feel I was hurrying or whatever since our SG coser friends told us that most of them arrive at the venue around 2PM. It was so stress free actually :)). We all woke up at 10, managed to eat breakfast (WHICH I DON'T USUALLY DO) and get prepared for the convention.

As soon as we got to Down Town East where the even is being held, we went inside the dome where the stage were and my gooooddd the people inside. Didn't get the chance to roam around because of the crowd and I was looking for my group that day. 

Did I mention group? Yes. Hahaha. Good friend Astellecia or Skye as we call her invited me last year to be part of their Disney Princesses group for Cosfest. I accepted the invitation and ta-dah I cosed Pocahontas for Day 1.

Photo by Shiro Ang <3

Photo by Razrig

I have to thank Devian Grey for making my costume. He did a marvelous job on it. To Clawsmith for my necklace and to Nikki for lending me the wig and drawing my tattoo.

Group shot (we're missing Ariel, Rapunzel and Merida here)
Photo by Togusachab

Thanks to William for this awesome shot

I had fun cosing with these pretty ladies. Skye was a such an awesome person. Thanks for the invite darling <3 It was such an honor ^^b. Super thanks to Lunaru and Nikki for helping me bronze my skin. My skintone is too white for Pocahontas so I had to bronze a bit. Hahaha hopefully it turned out just well. 

Thanks to lovely Saku my dearest waifu for bringing us out for dinner that day <3.

Day 2 of Cosfest meant me and Nikki waking really early for our shoot in the morning with Lynn Shion, Rej and Hexlord. Because we lack sleep and despite the coffee intake, we got lost ahahahah but it was so all in good fun.

We had our shoot at the Gardens by the Bay in MBS. It was really osm, the dome where we shot was air conditioned and it kinda looked like Niji Forest slash 1st Ship of a venue. I had fun shooting there. Cosing Nai was so easy for me because all I had to be do is be a curious little 12 year old boy :))

Thanks to Nikki, Lynn, Rej and Hexlord. You guys are awesome :) To Shanese, Lynn's sister, thank you for assisting us that day ^^

Photo by Hexlord

Photo by Rej Bantayan 

After the shoot, we went straight to the venue. This time around I got the chance to roam around and buy some gifts. Most of the time, I was hanging and talking around with friends, trying to look for people I have not yet met during Day 1 of Cosfest. I have to thank Saku for letting us put our stuff on her side of the chalet she and her friends were staying. 

I really, really had fun during Cosfest. I'm glad I went to Cosfest this year since I  am not planning to go AFA Singapore. No regrets here. To the new cosers I've met thank you :) To Vio, Reiko, Jes, Vic, Zeph, Saku, Kaika, Camille, Shiro, Razrig, Si Han, Nik, Lynn, Shanese, Rej, Hexlord, William, Jas, Yuanie, Hoshi, Zeasonal, Moo, Akira, Skye, Ash, KC, Lavena, Windy, Lenneth, Cvy, Peggy, Darcy, and many many more A BIG BIG THANK YOU AND I AM HAPPY SOOO VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU GUYS (AGAIN!) 

It was a decision of mine that I might not be able to go outside the country next year for a convention in SG but Cosfest.... it's calling out to me for next year and maybe, just maybe if LUCK, MONEY and TIME would permit me, I will go back next year ^^. 

Now I share to you the awesome Cosplay Videos that KC also known as Studio Omoshiroi has taken during Cosfest 2013. Spot me if you can!

Photospam timez

 I remember coming home very late that day hahaha. The good times hurhurhurhur. The very next day, me and Nikki met up with Kaika and Melo (Who just arrived that day lol) for a half day fun at Universal Studio. Lol. I had fun going there with these three awesome people. Lol all I have to say is that I learned something new about Melo hurhurhurhurhurhur :))

Photo by Melo ^^b
From USS, Nikki and I had to go back to the hostel, met up with Nikki and Rej who took us to the airport because it was time to go home for me and Nikki.  Love you guys who sent us home hahaha. Thank you so much again :)

Photo by Shanese

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