July 25, 2013

Forever 22

Remember my bday post? I am here to share to you what I wore that day. Lol. I know long overdue but heck. Thanks to GC Potente for taking the photos :)

Dress | FOREVER21
Stockings | LEGLOVE

I am absolutely in-love with the dress I am wearing. Chosen by great male fashionista friends for me to wear that day. Kudos to Ian C and Duane Bacon!!!!

Bag | Grab!

The bag is totally love. I'm very picky with bags and in fact I hate girl looking bags and yes tote bags are my thing ^^b

Accessories | Skull Ring (DIVA), Finger Guard (Rebel Gear)

Shoes | B CLUB

And yes, I'm currently incorporating this kind of style, kind of a girly rock style. Lol I'm loving it all and all ^^b

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