July 15, 2013

Pre-Cosfest 2013 hurhur

I'm gonna blog this before it becomes too late for me to blog about it. Hahaha.

Last weekend, me and a group of friends (Nikki, Lunaru, Aruki & Quakey) went over Singapore to attend Cosfest. I've always wanted to attend Cosfest again. My last Cosfest was like years ago? It was Cosfest VIII back then. Now it's Cosfest XIII.

Me and Nikki who has the same flight flew to SG last Thursday (July 4) at around 5:30AM. For some reason I've been grabbing flights like this I don't even lol.
So basically we had Thursday to ourselves. Funny thing, it was also Lunaru's flight that day. We arrived first but Lunaru got out of the airport first despite our plane landing 20 minutes ahead of hers. Lol blame Free Anime OP Theme that kept me and Nikki at bay inside the airport. Hurhur we're such fangirls :))

Thanks to Reiko and Jesuke for taking care of us during lunch hahaha. Omg the fangirling moments with Reiko hahaha. It was caught on cam thanks to Lunaru!!! Hahaha. Nikki, Reiko and I were squealing over SnK and what not. It was like another fujo session, only in SINGAPORE. Oh fuck yeah!!!

After lunch, we checked in our hostel (Fernloft Little India). Lunaru decided to take nap while Nikki and I went on location scouting for our shoot on Sunday with Nikki's friend Lynn (who will also cos with us) and our photographer, dear friend Rej :)

Nikki, Me, Lynn & Rej
Photo by Nikki
We went to Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay. You can say we found a good place to shoot. Super thanks to Rej and Lynn who actually scouted an area to shoot before us.

After that, we decided to take a break over CBTL. DON'T JUDGE ME OKAY? I need my coffee T^T. And guess what??? THEY HAVE FRIKKING DOUBLE CHOCOLATE THERE!! We don't have that here ;A; and some of the staff were Filipinos.

I really love MBS, it's so futuristic and the place is just enchanting to me.

Nikki, Lunaru & Windy 
That dinner, good friend Windy took us for oden noodles somewhere in Liang Court.

Then we went to Kinokuniya. Well it was closed when we got there but Windy pointed out where we can find the BL stash that would be Paradiso for us girls. Hurhurhur. Windy you're our drug dealer there you know? Thanks man. Hurhurhurhur.

Windy also introduced me to this wonderful, wonderful pudding. Omg!!! You will make me fat Windy I swear!! Now I miss that pudding! It's the best pudding I've tasted so far! I'm craving so much for it.

Photo by Nikki

Then we decided to eat pudding and just laze around Clark Quay. The wind was picking up that night. It was sooo cool and stuff. Stupid rain trolled us and we had to leave. But daaaammnn what a night. Thanks Windy!

The next day, which was Friday. Lunaru, Nikki and I decided to go shopping in Bugis. Let's say I gave into my shoe temptation aahahaha Nikki did also :)). Lunaru had to leave early because she has a prior appointment. So Nikki and I were left running around buying stuff here and there for friends, officemate and family members. 

MEET MY NEW BABY! Red creepers!!!

Andddd we saw something that we promised Lunaru that we will find and well take a photo of it. Took awhile for us to find it because apparently it changed it's color scheme. I remember the store in black and red color not.... pink. :))

I HEART SEX in Bugis :))

Hahaha yes, this sex shop. Like LOLOLOLOL.

From there, Nikki and I traversed back to Kinokuniya in Liang Court to *cough* buy BL for our friends. :)) Oh my god. We were heading back to the hostel because we need to drop our stuff and we were on the SMRT heading back and when it was announced that the next stop would be Clark Quay, Nikki went like " Wanna go check out Kino?" and of course I said yes. Despite being tired and so many things we were carrying, we re-traced our steps back to Liang Court. Hurhurhur we are on determined fujos :))

Again thanks Windy ^_~

After our trip to Kino, we went back to the hostel, dropped our stuff, took a rest and then we went off to Clark Quay again to meet up with Vio, Reiko, Jesuke, Vic, Zeasonal, Lunaru, Quakey & Aruki and many more lol for our pre-cosfest dinner.

Jesuke took us to Baku-Teh and omg the Baku-teh was frikking love!!! It was soooo delish~ <3 It was awesome dinner. THANK U GUYS FOR THE AWESOME DINNER. <3

So that's basically our Pre-Cosfest day. Next stop will be the blog about the event itself :). Now here's a obligatory group shot courtesy of Moo :)

Shot by Moo :)

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