September 02, 2013

Fantasy Quest 3 Truly Lives On!

Taken from CNPH FB Page

Last weekend was Fantasy Quest 3. I am fortunate enough to be art of the Guest Relations Team of CNPH for this event. I have to say that it was tiring and fun at the same time. What I'm about to share is not a review but merely sharing my experience as part of the GRT of CNPH.

We have nine guests in total. As you know, one of them is from Japan, none other than Usagi-san.

Taken from her FB page

Usagi-san was the Official International Guest of FQ3. Other than Usagi-san, FQ3 has a local guest also, none other than my good friend, "daughter" and talented Zhel aka darkdiety from Davao City.

What makes it more awesome, cosplayers from Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand also graced the event!!!! Also photographers from Malaysia and Indonesia also attended FQ 3.

FQ3 was quite challenging for me compared to last year because I got sick during the time I was doing my duties as the Transportation Head of the GRT of CNPH. But I won't let sickness get a better of me so I marched on forward with my duties. Also, days before FQ3, a storm broke out and flooded Metro Manila so badly. Personally, I was worried that FQ3 might get postponed but as the tagline of FQ3, it truly lived on. That, God was also good and indeed God provides and the storm passed before FQ3.

Come VIP Day, I am very happy to see that despite the storm, there were still VIP people who managed to attend the VIP Day which was on August 24. VIP ticket holders got a chance to meet and greet Usagi-san and Zhel that day. They were able to ask questions during the Q&A portion and got to mingle with the other international guest upclose and personal. 

I cosplayed Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth Artbook version. Special thanks to Devian Grey for rushing my costume. I owe you a lot. Thanks to Jaroukasama also for lending me your Mokona <3.

Photo by Kuroseirei

Photospam timez!!!

Day 2 or the event proper was very, very hectic. There was another meet and greet but this time we have to limit it unlike the VIP Day. But for the event proper, Usagi-san has an autograph session of her photobook. I really wanted to buy but money for me at that time is so scarce. Also, what I like FQ3 is the cosplay catwalk. We didn't have a competition or a registration, those who wanna join all have to do was to line up and strut their stuff ^^b. Now that's cosplay for fun 8Db.

I cosplayed Adolf Weissman from K Project but I got teased by my friend Arthur and Jin being Sephiroth. Lol. Apparently, Weissman's hair and Sephiroth's hair is kinda similar thus SESEPHIROTH was born. LOLOLOL.

Anyway photospam OTL. I don't have much photos since I was too busy marshalling, I don't even have much proper photo for Weissman but yeah YOLO!

Thanks once again to CNPH for letting me be part of your wonderful team. Congratulations to all of you guys, FQ3 was a blast and a success!!! More power to all of your endeavors.

To the photographers, cosplayers I've met thank you for exchanging coscards with me. Sorry if you literally see me running around, I can't stay in one place too long because of my duties. To my friends who I've met during FQ3, it was osm seeing you guys again. 

I end this blog entry with this cosplay video teaser made by awesome cosplay videographers Jam and Bri who I lovingly calls Ariel and Brianna <3

Again osm event CNPH!!! Wooohooo <3

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