September 17, 2013

Life Always Goes On

I remember blogging about me and depression like months ago. To those who have not read it, to cut it short yes I suffered from mild depression. I had to go see a therapist before it could go worst. And I guess I'm okay now. Like, really, really okay. 

So what's up with me now? Well, you probably know I'm still cosplaying but sooner or later I have to set that certain hobby aside for something bigger. I have a certain life goal that I want to attain and to attain that I have enlisted help from a certain life coach. 

I'm having sessions with him twice a month and with our recent sessions, I have to say I am very, very much motivated in achieving my goal. To achieve that is very important for me. It's for my future and I have carefully laid out my plans so that I could follow it thoroughly. 

In one of my sessions, I shared that I will be definitely sharing these things that happened to me to my future kids if I'll have one. My life coach asked me what were the exact words that I would tell them. Actually, come to think of it, I will not just be telling this to my future kids but to anyone out there. Here is what I said,

You're gonna fuck up and that's normal. You will fuck up so many times but it does not means that life will stop. Life goes on. It always will. You have to keep moving on.

I have to admit, I got stucked in life but it is me who got stucked but not life. Life continued moving forward, I made a choice to get stucked because I did not know where the fuck am I going, but hey I eventually got out of that and moved forward. 

I am moving forward. There are things I am will be leaving behind and things that I will be bringing with me in this journey I am making. My life coach asked me what will I do if certain setbacks happened in me achieving my goal. My answer? Keep moving forward. No matter what setback that is. I've given up on so many goals but this is one goal I refuse to give up on. Keep moving forward no matter what. 

Moving forward only ends when life ends, so as long as you're alive, you're breathing and you're living, you stretch out your legs, you take a step even if it's a small one, keep moving forward and not backward. You cannot dwell on the past too much. It's futile if you do. What happened in the past cannot be undone and cannot be erased. The best thing you can do is while moving forward, try fixing or do something about the things you have fucked up along the way. 

Well that's it. Definitely, a lot of things will change for me and in fact thing have been changing already, not complaining here, just enjoying the ride ^^b

PS: To those who are curious, my life coach is none other than is Melo Lazatin. If you feel you need help in moving on or moving forward in whatever that is, do contact him ^^b

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