October 21, 2013

Mania Feels! (Cosplaymania 2013)

Ugh sorry for the delayed post on this. Life caught up with me. Getting reinstated back to grad school and new work and all. oTL. But anyway, here is it my blog on my adventures in Cosplaymania 2013. I have to say, this is like my super laid back Cosplaymania. Hahaha. I was not rushing for a meet and greet or rushing to finish a costume. Why? Because I decided to recycle two of my most favorite cosplays to date. 

Before I go into my cosplays, I was also very excited for Cosplaymania 2013 because I get to see my Mahal Vio again <3 I can't get enought of this girl. Also Reiko, Vic, Jesuke (though at the end of Cosplaymania, I was not able to see Jesuke ;A;) and of course Nik! Osm MoeNik who can look moer than me :))

Also, I get to bond with my Baguio peepz! I bunked in with Rui, Aj and Shan Li in Boulevard Mansions for the event. I wanted to support them since they joined the Group Cosplay Competition. I'm no Utapri Fans but these people are special friends whom I met last Cosplaymania for the very first time. I share so much feels with these people ^^

Sorry I don't have much selfies because my Tab at the moment died on me oTL (It's fixed now btw). Also I get to cosplay with my friend from Davao! Dear Trixs Beat was my Synchronicity Rin during Day 1. Day 2 I cosed with Bossu Giorno! You got that right, I cosplay Guido Mista again and Kai cosplayed Giorno Giovanni again and we composed of the surviving members of Passione. Lol. Dru also cosplayed a JBA character but from a different Arc. What can I say? SHIIIIZZZAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Anyway photospam of my and Trix's cosplay during Day 1

Super thanks to Paolo Panganiban, Alain Rafer, Jrjsiaron, ClintzMeji and Macky for the osm dramu photos of me and Trixs <3

Now photospam of me and Kai of our JBA Vento Auro cosplay ~~

Thanks to Paolo Panganiban, Brianna I mean Bri Rodelas and  ヨエコ でございます for the photos!

So basically that summed up my cosplay during Cosplaymania 2013. Lolol so many herpderps and lulzy moment (YES ATOM I KNOW YOU TROLLED ME I WILL NEVER LIVE THAT DOWN) and yes screaming my head off to Kaname's commentary during TORCH that screamed BL YO! Lol and yes I lost my voice partially because I cheered for Rui, Shan and Aj's group during the Group Cosplay Competition. 

Also met new friends who all came from Singapore. Thanks to Mahal Vio for introducing them to us :) To Ashley, Yuuiki, Zeneithh, Sugee & Katherine thank you and nice meeting you all! 

To Ces Ikumi, I finally met you! Kat Carpio babe, I finally saw you again after I don't know how many years! Kev THE CURSE OF FALLING PHONE HAS FINALLY LIFTED!!! And yes Aru Jei congrats my friend from the land of Oz, you finally got in the Cosnaps and you landed in the Top 20! Congrats to first timers Jam and James Ryan too! YOU OSM FEEPLES!

So anyway, I end this short and and nothing but a spazztic blog with heartful thanks to all of those I've met, hanged out with and exchanged coscards with. I love you guys but they're like tons of you to mention here. You know who you are mwuah!


Until next COSPLAYMANIA ^^b

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