February 06, 2014

Black Carneval This February

Yes, you are reading it correctly. There is this cosplay prom event going to happen in Baguio. It's called Black Carnival. It will be on February 22 (Saturday) and it will be held in Crown Legacy Hotel Function Hall from 4PM - 10PM.

This event is brought to you by Otageki

When I learned about this, I immediately thought, Baguio... coldest place in the Philippines perfect for a certain cosplay that screams "LET IT GO" and of course just in time for Panagbenga. A couple of my friends are joining me in this YOLO adventure in Baguio. Why do it always has to be a YOLO adventure whenever I go to Baguio? LOL.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward for this event. It took a lot of pains from booking our hotel, getting bus tickets and planning whatever for this trip and I know it's gonna be one hell of a trip! 

So what's to look out for the event?

Magical Surprises... Red Carpet... hmmm and of course the Grand Ball Dance. I'm very intrigued.

How much is the ticket and what's the attire?

Awesomesauce yes? I can't really wait for Feb 22!!! To those who are going from Manila and to my friends there in Baguio see you guys and oh, a teaser of what I'm gonna wear...


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