March 20, 2014

Black Valentine

Delayed upload is delayed. Taken last February 14. Yes. Valentines Day :3 I did not go for the norm and wore Black... well except for my shoes.

Photos were taken by my date at that time, none other than my wonder twin Kasai :3.

Jeans | Terranova
Creepers | RUSH

Like I said, I wore black except for my shoes. My lovely red creepers which I bought a year ago in Singapore. :3 I'm a creeperholic.

Sleeveless Top | HOT TOPIC

You see that lovely bracelet? I made that :3 Hehehehe and please don't mind the morbid skull print on my top, it does not reflect how I view VDAY okay? I just feel like wearing it that day :3

Bracelet | Customized

Basically me and Kasai watched The Lego Movie ate dinner in a Italian resto and yeah EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME! I got to pick her up at work and treat her to dinner. Who says I can't be a guy on things like this? Woozah! 

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