April 09, 2014

My Start of Summer

Shoes | Vintage

It's official summer is here and I am suffocating from this heat that is very unbearable.

Earrings | Gift
Necklace | Sentimental Dolliez
Contact Lenses | Alice & Rabbit
Super thanks to my honey AJ for the lovely handmade earrings :3. To my twin Kasai for the awesome Elsa necklace :3

Top | Mental
Shorts | Your Rules Your Style

This black see-through top is probably one of the coolest tops I could ever wear during this unforgivable summer.

And yes not because it is summer I would stop wearing black. If you are wondering what I'm drinking there, it's milk tea from Gongcha :3

To Lanz thanks for taking my photos. I look so nice here ^^

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