July 20, 2014

As I Shatter In The End

As I Shatter In The End
By Sese Ramirez

Ungraspable Sorrow resides in my
Heart today
Spiral og Loneliness entwine my
Feelings of Happiness
A maze of Questions I see through
The door of my thoughts
I find myself in the Middle of
Nowhere, No light to Hold on.

I feel lost in this Emotional
Rollercoaster happening in me
Couldn't understand why I
Laugh, why I smile
Couldn't comprehend why am I
Crying, why am I sad
Not feeling Pessimist but Optimist
Still, I am Wondering Why?!

My life is never a Perfect
Picture, but still Beautiful
However, how beautiful it is, I
Still Question
Everything I've done in the past
And everything that is now
Answers are not yet found.

Vague solutions I get to the
Problems that are set
Doubtful decisions comes into my
I stand between a crossroad
Not knowing where to go
Hoping to chose the right way
To the Innerself, I want to say

However, what if Hope is but only
A delussion?
What do I hang on to? What do
I cling on to?
Questionable decisions, I do not want
To chose?
So if this Hope is not my salvation
What do I expect of me?
But to shatter in the end

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