July 12, 2014

Reborn and Rise

Hello there, I finally revived this blog of mine after pondering what to do with it. My years of blogging I’ve been writing about cosplay, anime, manga and what not. I have forgotten to write down my inner thoughts, my musings, my two cents. Worst… I’ve forgotten how to write poetry and stories.

Gone are the days where I would spend my free time writing stories and poetry . I miss that. So I decided to revamp this blog. I’ve deleted some categories and created new ones. I will focus more on writing about my musings and thoughts. Though I will be blogging about cosplay here and there but don’t expect the usual Cosplay 101 and Featurettes. Sorry. I have to let those go.

So I welcome you to the new IRTHOS HEARTH. Where I will be blogging about life and cosplay. Where I will share my poetry and stories. Where I will do reviews and share about my anything related to fashion.

I end this short blog of mine for now. See you guys in a few days ^^b

Reborn and Rise
Like a phoenix, soar high!

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