July 30, 2014


Ha! Finally I get this frikking self of mine to write my thoughts on something I’ve encountered a few days ago.

Watch this video guys and when I say GUYS… I meant the boys… and also girls, do care to watch~

Done? Good.

Okay can I say I FUCKING AGREE WITH EVERYTHING ANNA AKANA SAID IN THIS VIDEO? Well please don’t get me wrong, I have not experienced this since I’m ASIAN and living in an ASIAN country somewhere where it’s constantly hot and humid even it’s raining.

I just hope and pray THAT THIS will NEVER EVER happen to me. Because DAMN if it does, I’ll probably hurt the guy whatever. Like kill his balls so that he will never procreate ever fucking ever.

Because beejezuz. This stereotype among Asian women is just what? Antagonizing and it hits every fucking nerve in me.

Okay I know, Yellow Fever is a fetish among non-asian people out there. It’s your type and if you have Yellow Fever I won’t judge you for your type…. just…. just… JUST DON’T. DON’T wave it in front of me because I would have the same reaction of Anna Akana. Don't LIKE ME because I am ASIAN. Like me for MY PERSONALITY, MY QUIRKS, MY INSANITY as I quite John Legend “ALL OF ME”

Because if you are just gonna like me because I am ASIAN in general. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. ^______________^

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