August 09, 2014

Does it matter? Really?

I’ve been bombarded by this question ever since I was a mere college student.

Are you a lesbo?

When this question first popped up while I was eating Mr. Chips at class, it boggled me and yes it did bother me. I reacted fast and said, “No. I am not”

Next question.

Okay, is it okay for me to you know….

The word never came, I knew what she wants to say and I interrupted her saying, “Not interested, but thank you.”

Since then, I’ve been asked and prepositioned so many times I am not counting anymore. The only difference that it does not bother me anymore. I guess give out certain vibes that I could be a lesbian and I’ve been asked time and time again but like I said don’t give a shit because I’ve reached this certain understanding and acceptance of sexual orientations that for me, DOES IT MATTER? REALLY?

I quote Raven Symone.

My thoughts exactly. It does not matter. Whatever my sexual orientation is not any of your concern or for you to judge. If it bothers you, then you are very welcome to question me about it but don’t make it a reason for to judge me or to preach me about it. If it’s for mere curiosity sake okay I’ll say what my sexual orientation is but that’s it. No cherry on top, no exaggeration, no nothing. If it’s to make sure you can date me…. well, okay maybe there it matter, you don’t want confusing people and breaking their hearts in the process but given the point….


Because in the end, I love who I love. I will get into a relationship that will make me feel ahh this is my Thyla, my Izmadi, my forever, til death do us part, LETS GET IT ON BAYBEH.

So does it matter? For me no. For you? Well that’s you and I am not judging you for that so don’t judge me for it. Kapish? ^____^

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