September 28, 2014

Best of Anime ’14 – FEELS until NOW

It was just last weekend when I attended Best of Anime at the SMX convention. Up until now, my feels are going hay fucking wire.

Please pardon me, this is not a review of the event. This is a FEELS post! So you are warned. My feels will be freaking LITERALLY all over the place.

Day 1 of Best of Anime is well special for me. I cosplayed Ragyo (sorry not in her fab white gown). I was with my lovely REVOCS and I had people ogling at my rainbow head wig. I apologize to the people I’ve accidentally slapped with my wig. It was not intentional. OTL. Kudos to Aj Cross for making such a fab wig!

And when I say we are a fabulous bunch. WE ARE A FABULOUS BUNCH!

Photography by Erving Go

Super duper thanks to my REVOCS! Rui, Jumpshot, Kuroseirei and Shin! And of course to Erving who made this SHOT so fucking osm!!! Guys I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Also, I am happy to be able to see my good friend Kaika of the The Cosplay Chronicles. She is one of the special guest of BOA 2014. I attended her Meet and Greet. I really, really love how personal Kaika can get with the people who went to her Meet and Greet. I mean she does do take time to talk to each one, ask questions and make small talks with them. Now that’s a MEET AND GREET!

Awesome shots by Bri Rodelas ^^b

Day 2 was even more awesome for me!

One I finally debuted my Utena Tenjou cosplay with my twin Nekomi Kasai as my Rose Bride Amemiya Anthy

It was fun seeing people recognizing our characters and from what series. It’s a 90’s anime and the first yuri anime I ever watched. Ive always loved Utena and I am so happy to cosplay her and I am forever grateful for Nekomi Kasai for being my Rose Bride! She is a perfect Anthy!

Photography by Eyestrain

Photography by Eyestrain

Also my Anthy and I go married!! Muhahahahahaha

I don’t have our wedding photos yet ahahaha muahahahaha

Okay. Now for the 2nd one is I FINALLY MET JOE INOUE UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL! I’m like having a major and massive crush on the guy!!!

Thanks to my friend Bri, Joe has a SELFIE ON MY FRIKKING PHONE!!!


And omg I have to thank Kaika for this!! She got me a video message from Joe!!!

Now you can see WHY, until NOW I am not yet over BEST OF ANIME!!! I just caaaanntttt!!! And this not help at all, since Cosplay Mania is coming soon!!! Hnnggg how do I? WHERE DO I PUT THESE FEELS?! HALLLPPPPP!!!

Ehe ^^b

And of course Best of Anime will not be complete without meeting good friends and herp derping around. You know who you guys are! Thanks for an awesome two days!!! And yes THANK YOU BEST OF ANIME woohooo!!!!!

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