October 16, 2014

Coffee, Chips, Chocolate

Before anything else, I would like to thank Bri Rodelas for these shots.

This was taken in a convention. I got too lazy to take off my wig. All photos were not edited or retouched but I do assure you all, its me. Hahahahaha some of my friends keep saying I look different.

See what I mean?

The white top I’m wearing is from Forever21. It’s a statement top and I love what’s written on it. Hahahahaha. The necklace is a cheap-ass dog tag that I bought off from the market :3.

As for the jeans I’m wearing, they’re actually an old pair from Von Dutch.

I borrowed Bri’s big ass cutter and slashed through these pair. NO REGRETS! I love how it looks. So frikking bad ass.

This Nodame Contanbile bag AKA piano bag is from Catherine Janelle. Only a few of these bags were made and I’m lucky to purchase one. As for the black vest, is hand-made. Yup I made it scratch. Used stretch fabric for it ^^b.

Creepers were bought from Scene Stealer. Loving this baby over and over.

So there you have it. Until next outfit post!

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