December 02, 2014

Dear November

This is an open letter to November

Dear November

I love you and hate you at the same time.

I hate you because you gave me lots of heart aches.

Let me start with someone, who I thought was being honest with me, who accepted and treated as a friend and then WHAM! BAM! HI THERE SESE! I literally spend like two days mulling and crying over it. Then family problems came in form of my mom getting sick and I lost so many sleep and life pressure from my dad. It’s hard being in a family where your father puts too much pressure on you because HE NEEDS IT FOR YOU TO DO IT and not even thinking if I WANT FOR ME TO DO IT.

Things will work out. I know. I got this.

But don’t worry November, like I told you I love you too.

I love you because of the good feels. My friend Kaika visited the Philippines and I get to hang out with her for a week. I get to spend awesome time with my fiends in Baguio for another #yolo trip. You let me have an awesome cosplay shoots: Trinity Blood, Final Fantasy and RK: The Movie. I got the chance to shoot with Tux Team again. You also gave me the chance to do some counseling jobs that yes took a lot of my time, braincells and made me a living sponge but its okay.

Lastly, I love you because someone became special to me in unexpected way. Who would thought? I guess that’s the best part of you November. So I thank you for that.

So yes November, despite the bad things, I am still thankful you came by and I thank you for all the good things. So now it’s December… I wonder what do you bring?

Sincerely Loving,


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