December 04, 2014

Of thoughts while on the bus

Sometimes thoughts pass through this brain of mine, especially I’m just there sitting on the bus staring at the window and enduring the god forsaken afternoon traffic.

One time I thought, has my life been so interesting? Is it enough for me to actually grab a pen and write about it.

I guess?

Ha. I keep telling myself that.

Most of my days are mundane, robotic and very ordinary. I go to work, go home repeat that every day well except weekends. The weekends most of the time bring something interesting for me.

Besides cosplay which really gives life to this “life” I have, there is TRAVEL. I love traveling. I love seeing sights. I love sceneries that would literally take my breathe away.

If only I could leave everything behind and just go somewhere I want. BUT that is a very very wishful thinking. You just can’t leave everything and be a traveler your whole life.

So I have cosplay

I have travel

So what else?

I am not including my post-grad. -_- It is interesting yes, but all you see there is papers and never ending pressure. NVM.

Anyway, I want to do something new besides cosplay and travel. Hmmm….

Looks like I will need to ponder this more ^^;;;

Well that’s for now. My brain is primodial soup at the moment from too much thinking -_-

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