January 06, 2015

2014 Cosplay: A Recap part 1

2014 in cosplay for me is a terribly busy. Almost every month I am shooting or busy preparing for a cosplay costume and shoot. As I prepare my greeting for a Happy New Year, I discovered I cosplayed 17 characters. 17 CHARACTERS. I looked back and I realized that in the past year I cosplayed 18 CHARACTERS (included different versions of a certain character) and 14 CHARACTERS the year before that. Wow. I cosplay a lot.

I wanna look at my 2014 cosplay remember why I did it. Now this would be part 1, seeing I cosplayed 17 characters and I will be writing extensively about them so yeah oTL.

First stop is Queen Elsa or simply Elsa from Disney’s animated film FROZEN.

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Why did I cosplay Elsa? I will admit, that Ice Blue Gown of hers had me wanting to wear it and hopefully the design of my wedding gown will be exactly just like that. FUCK YEAH. Also, Elsa is after my own heart. Personality wise and her song Let It Go speaks to me in so many degrees that after watching FROZEN 4 times, my brain was screaming YES! YES! YESSSS~~~~~ I am going to cosplay her.

I commissioned Costumes by Ian to make her gown and every penny spent was worth it. Of course, I hunted the fabrics to be used with him. God, it was so hard to find the right sequined fabric for her top and what perfect fabric to use for her glittering snowflake cape. It was by sheer accident that I passed by it in Divisoria and I am like “IAN ISN’T THAT PERFECT FOR ELSA’S CAPE” and Ian was like “GO ASK IF IT COMES IN BLUE” and it has, Cost me a 100 pesos per yard. I bought 4 yards of white and 2 yards of glittering fabric for the cape thus having me a kind of two tone type of cape. Plus the fabric was really glittery that everywhere I walk with that cape draping behind, I leave glitters EVERYWHERE. No kidding!

Costumes by Ian

The shoes? Well I customized these pair of light blue shoes I bought. Thank god for UHU glue. Blinging it up takes time and effort. I also made snowflakes to the cape. Not easy too. It was a hit and miss thing but eventually I did manage to do it and the result was nice.


Snowflakes on the cape

I debuted this costume last February in a Valentine cosplay event in the City of Pines (Baguio City). During that month, it’s pretty cold in Baguio and the event is held in a hotel. Perfect location and perfect weather.

Photography by VPiedad

Photography by Teh Lazie Neko

So where is your Anna? I have an Anna. My Anna is none other than my twinnie Nekomi Kasai.

Photography by Kuroseirei

Photography by GC Potente

This costume is the most used and one of my fave costume of year 2014. I’ve worn it to two cosplay events, a paid gig and a shoot. All in all I cosplayed Elsa 4 times. Yes, this costume is retired. Up for sale? Nope. Don’t you even ask. Never gonna sell this costume.

Second one is another Disney character. It’s Pocahontas. I actually debuted her last 2013 in Singapore for Cosfest. I was part of a Disney Princesses Group. I cosplayed her last year just for a shoot, because I didn’t have a proper shoot of her last year.
Photography by Shiro Ang

The costume was made by Costumes by Ian too. I had it rushed actually ahahaha oTL

Cosing Pocahontas is not an easy feat. For one is her skin tone is very different from mine. I had to bronze my legs, arms and face for that. Hahaha such effort indeed and time consuming.

Photography by VPiedad

Photography by Bri Rodelas
Special thanks to Clawsmith for my necklace.

This 3rd cosplay is more of a collaboration with a fellow coser. I cosplayed Krista Lenz AKA Historia Ress from Shingeki no Kyojin with arukie as my Ymir. The costume was all taken from my closet and borrowed. The skirt and wig were borrowed. Thanks to Nekomi Kasai and Chesra Lee for that.

Photography by Kuroseirei

Photography by Kuroseirei

We even recreated a certain doujin we saw on the net. You can find it here and here.

Next one is something I was really worried if I can pull off since it’s too err sensual and it’s crossdress. Take note that half of my chest is fucking exposed. oTL. The fourth one is from the series Adekan. I cosed the character Shiro Yoshiwara. I had the base of the top and shorts made through Costumes by Ian. The daggers were made by Clawsmith. The rest of accessories was made by moi.

When I say it’s too sensual and well here was our teaser look like.

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Uhhh yeah. Cosed with my dear Rui babe as my Kojiro Yamada. Special thanks to Kanon Cosplay for cosing as Aguri Yamada and to Eurenice Einsford and Romeo Strong for assisting in the shoot. 

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Bri Rodelas

The fifth one was very impromptu. I’ve cosplayed Reira Serizawa from NaNa for like the nth time LOL. But this time I had the whole Trapnest Band with me. Super duper thanks to my fellow cosers, Rui, Aj Cross and Gax for doing this with me.

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Bri Rodelas

It’s also kind of a Tatsumi x Reira kind of shoot. Because kyaaa!! Rui babe looks so hot as Tatsumi!

Photography by Bri Rodelas

We even have a sort of an MV about it. Lol. Trust me all of these are impromptu ahahaha

The last photo for this blog entry (for now) is from the series Karneval. I cosplayed the ever cute Nai. Thanks to my group mates for this cos. To Eurenice, Rui, Kanon, Aj Cross & Touya

I sew the costume all by myself. Except for the shorts. I had it made by a tailor. For my bunny ears, Eurenice made them. They’re so fluffy!!!

Photography by Keiaveunalliv

Photography by Shadow Light

So that ends part 1. /wipes brow. Seriously I cosplay too much ahahahahaha.

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