January 09, 2015

2014 Cosplay: A Recap part 2

Welcome to my 2014 Cosplay recap and this is part II! First stop is none other than the Silver King AKA Adolf Weissman from the series K Project. My feels for this series. The ending of the anime left me jaw dropping and my heart broken into a thousand pieces THAT I WILL NEVER BE OKAY FROM WHAT HAPPENED THERE! /sobs

Okay going back, this costume was debuted last Fantasy Quest 3. Costumes by Ian made the whole thing while Aj Cross styled the wig.

Photography by Jumpshot

Super duper thanks to bebe Kai Hiyori for being my Shiro :3

Photography by Kuroseirei
I have to wear super platforms for this because Weissman is freakishly TALL. It was a challenge to totter in them. Seriously, I never thought I would be wearing those boots and actually dance the waltz wearing them.

Photography by Shadow Light

See what I mean? Hahaha -_-;;

The next cosplay as debuted last Cosplaymania but never had a proper shoot there. I shot this costume in the City of Pines, Baguio. Where? That’s a secret. This character is an ultra love and ultra favorite of mine. This is the second time I cosplayed this character.

Her name is Seth Nightroad from the series Trinity Blood. Cosing with me is my babe Rui as Cain Nightroad and Eurenice as Ion Fortuna.

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Wanobo Click

Everything was made by me. Yes by meeeeee. Took me errr I think 2 months in making this costume. All blood and tears poured into this costume. Like my first Seth costume, I made everything. I even customized a pair of shoes. They were originally white so I had to paint them green and bedazzled it with gems and gems.

Photography by Bri Rodelas


Photography Bri Rodelas

Ahhhh such memories of this shoot *_____*

Here is some WIP of this beloved costume.

Next was another impromptu cosplay. Like I had a month to prep. Good thing I had the wig pre-ordered already but making the costume was damn easy. I just got a pair of old jeans and tattered it like to no ends. As for the top, bebe Rui was kind enough to give me her extra stretch leatherette fabric. Thanks babe!

This is Lightning from the game Final Fantasy Dissidia. I chose the Aya Brea version because its the version that would fit me the most and with just one month for me to do the costume hahahas it’s the easiest. The weapon was made by a good friend, thanks Ikki!

This was debuted last Cosplaymania but I had the formal shoot again in Baguio.

Photography by Kim Mantos

The weapon can actually be turned into a gun hohohohohoho! IT TRANSFORMS! Also shooting in this costume in errrrr 17 degree weather at night in Baguio is a BAD IDEA but heck #YOLO!

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Also this costume was featured in Reskiy’s Cosplaymania MV!

Hahaha osmsauce yes?

This next cosplay was one of my favorites. If you’ve been watching anime since the 90s then you will know this. I call this my bday cosplay since I debuted this in a shoot as my birthday shoot. This is my Utena Tenjou cosplay from Revolutionary Utena. My Rose Bride Amemiya Anthy is none other than my twin Nekomi Kasai. Sword was made by Clawsmith.

Photography by VPiedad

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Costume was sewn by me. I commissioned arukie for the shoulder guards and I commissioned Costumes by Ian for the boot covers and shorts.

Photography by Eyestrain

Photography by Erving Go

Some WIP of my Utena cosplay.

Also did I mention that I used two wigs for Utena? Yup. I did. I bought two wigs, same shade and length everything, dismantled and sew the wefts on the other wig.

This next cosplay is the most challenging one. It is challenging because I don’t have the adequate boobs to do it. Thank god for contouring powers and I magically had boobs (there’s photoshop too!). So this is Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill. Ohohohohohoho. YES THE ALL MOTHER!

Photography by Jumpshot

Costume made by Costumes by Ian. The wig was customized by Aj Cross.

Photography by Bri Rodelas

The last cosplay for this part two is from the series Teahouse. This is Rory Dubois. I cosed this with dear Dycee as my Lord Reed. I am thankful that I was able to cos Rory last year because last year Teahouse got discontinued. ALL MY FEEL HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU~

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Photography by Bri Rodelas

Well that ends the part II. Ajadbjsfhefbj jsvffdshgjhvndsNCNNABScfdsbamcnmbdfjsf gahd part 3 will be coming sooooonnnnn….

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