January 23, 2015

2014 Cosplay: A Recap part 3

Finally part 3~ Ahahaha sorry took awhile. I decided to move everything to blogger because WP is being an ass. Oh well on to the recap :3

First stop is a character from the series Psycho Pass. I am totally in love with Akane Tsunemori. No fuck shit. I love her character development in the series. I love how I can relate to her in so many ways. 

My costume for Akane were all store bought. The pencil skirt, the blazer and the shoes. You name it. ALL STORE BOUGHT. Because I find it practical just to buy them from the store since they are office clothes and I can use them at work too. The white blouse I wore is the same white blouse I used for Koko Hekmatyar. Recycling costume much? Hahaha. The dominator was made by Ikki :3 much love to you bro!

Photography by VPiedad 
I had a group cosplay for this and we shot this at night. We started at 10PM and ended it at 3AM. Talk about night shoot. It was also raining on and off that night but we managed to push it through. Super duper thanks to Bri Rodelas for the location.

I am super thankful for my groupmates ^o^/

Photography by Dynamai 
Devian Grey was our Kogami Shinya, Ambokiko as Nobuchika Ginoza, Reika Amakura as Yayoi Kunizuka, Eurenice as Shusei Kagari, Rui as Shion Karanomori and Aj Cross as Makishima Shougo.

Photography by Jumpshot

I will never forget this shoot. Night shoots are very tiring and big groups are hard to handle. I'm so happy that Ambokiko was able to fill in Ginoza's shoes. Our original Ginoza was not able to make it because of school, plus we didn't have a Kagari at first. All my love to Eurenice ^_^ for filling in the role. I'm sorry Kagari died in the series ;A;

Group photo after the shoot~ YOSH!
Next stop is another favorite bad-ass female. Her name is Lisa / Misa Hayase from the series Robotech / Macross SDF. This cosplay was debuted during NexCon last year. 

Photography by Erving Go
The costume was made by me. Yup, the blazer, to the yellow turtlneck top. The skirt I am wearing was the pencil skirt I wore from my Koko Hekmatyar cosplay. Wig was styled by my twin Nekomi Kasai. She is also behind our RDF patches ^^b

Photography by Kuroseirei

I cosplayed with fellow Robotech fans who are also my friends. Gene Akizuki as Rick Hunter, Dycee as Max Sterling and my twin Nekomi Kasai cosplayed Miriya Parina-Sterling. 

Photography by Eyestrain

It was so fun cosing with these guys. We had so much feels for the series. I also had fun sewing my costume for this too. Here are some WIPs :3

Photography by Kuroseirei
Yup, we had a lot of fun shooting this at the event. LOL. We even maximized the auditorium of the event place nyahahaha ^^b

Also, we were featured in Reskiy's NexCon MV. Don't we cool so osmsauce?

So the 3rd in line for this recap part 3 was actually my last cosplay last year. I cosplayed Yumi Komagata movie version of Rurouni Kenshin. Yup, you read that right. The version of my Yumi was from the Kyoto Inferno chapter.

Photography by Dynamai
I cosplayed this with my good friend from SG, Kaika of The Cosplay Chronicles who went as Soujiro Seta. Jin (behindinfinity) cosplayed Kenshin Himura. My Makoto Shishio-sama was none other than  Happy Hariography.

Photography by Erving Go
You can view Jin's Kyoto Inferno set here.

It was very rainy when we shoot this but heck #YOLO. For the love of Rurouni Kenshin, use the rain for more dramu effect. Hahahaha. It was fun and I found it hard moving around in a geta and a kimono. -_-;;; So happy I was not born in that era. I can't imagine myself being THIS demure ahahahahaha oTL.

I commissioned my twin Nekomo Kasai for the kimono. Here are some WIP she provided :3. I do receommend her for MTO costumes. She is really good costume maker ^^b

Super thanks for the lovely work twin~~~ and to Kaika who helped me wore it. Wearing a kimono is not easy for me ^^;; oTL

Here are some group selfies from our shoot~~

Grabbed fom Kaika ^^b

Reskiy also made a BTS video!! Woohoo. Super duper osmsauucceeee~~~

Now this next cosplay was really not in my plan. It is so impromptu hahaha. My twin Nekomi Kasaia asked me if I could cosplay Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle by Studio Ghibli for Kawaii in Manila 2 because the original Sophie which is my dear Kanon Cosplay was not able to make it. So I said yes. Initially I was supposed to cosplay Chihiro from Spirited Away with my babe Rui as my Haku. Unfortunately, Rui could not make it too. So I scrapped my plan because I don't want to cosplay Chihiro is my Haku is not Rui ;A;. 

Who would thought I'll end up as Sophie? Hahahaha.

This is for our Studio Ghibli group for Kawaii in Manila and I don't really know if I really did give justice to this cosplay :))) 

Photography by JamFrame
I borrowed Kanon's costume except for the shoes and socks and well the pink petticoat is from Nekomi Kasai lol. This is the Nao Tsukiji fan art and Idk, for me Kanon did it better than I do

Photography by Wanobo Click
See???? Agree? Yes! Yes! Haaha

Anyway, my Howl for the event was Kanon's Howl none other than Aj Cross. 

Photography by Eyestrain
And here you go, our Studio Ghibli group

Photography by JamFrame
And now we are at the last cosplay for the this 2014 recap. This is from the NaNa series. Yes I can't get enough of NaNa. I cosplayed Nana Osaki again but this time, I have my Ren who is none other than but Aj Cross.

Photography by Kuroseirei
Again costume were taken from my closet. Cosplaying Nana for me is probably the easiest because my closet provides the costume. Though, styling is very importance here. You just can't wear a plaid skirt and a punk top and say it's Nana. Just no.

Photography by Kuroseirei
You gotta have the attitude too. Rock on! And I end this 2014 cosplay recap of mine with this photo

Photography by Kuroseirei

So 2015 what do you have in store for me in regards to cosplay? Hmmm....

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