January 09, 2015

The Dark Pair

The Dark Pair
By Sese Ramirez

I tell you a story
it starts on a day
a clandestine day

Roses of red

as dark as blood
a groom waits…

Wearing noir and rouge makeup
a bride wishes
may this day bring fortune
and of love

May this day be as eternal
never to end… timeless…

On this day
see the start of a journey
for a pair so unlikely

Shrouded in death
in total darkness
Souls who met at night
Bound to an eternal noir

Can your hear the heart that seems to
beat? That seems to throb?
Can you feel their gaze, as you watch
Does it bore into your inner darkest soul?

Does it?

Blackened hearts
Turning against fate
Be damned and cursed

This is the start of their journey

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