February 11, 2015

You are Mine

You are Mine
By: Sese Ramirez

Hello my dear
How are you today?
Won't you take my hand
Follow me today
It's gonna be fine
Trust me it's all right

You and I will go
To exciting places I know
I will hold your hand
Promise not to let you go
It's gonna be all right
Trust me it's gonna be fine

Runaway with me
As the time goes by
Say hello to strangers
The memories lingers for you and I
My darling you're mine


Close your eyes
Listen to the world collides
Dream away
Hold my hand
It's all right....

Hello there my dear
How are you today?
Thank you for the journey
No my dear it is not the end
Trust me it's all right
Things are gonna be fine
As long as you are mine.

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