April 11, 2015

Bare Und Legal

I'm sharing something new on my blog today. I am loving conceptual shoots nowadays instead of cosplay photoshoots. Not that I don't like cosplaying anymore it's just I'm finding more creativity in conceptual shoots and I'm taking a little break from cosplay shoots (like cosplaying less this year).

I want to share this concept that me and a photographer friend was randomly talking on facebook chat. I was itching for a conceptual shoot since it's been a long time since I've done one.

The concept was out of the blue and it all started with one photo. I lost the photo already but it was from Dark Beauty Magazine

Looking for a model partner for this shoot, I turned to Kuroseirei who usually take photos for me too. He is still currently in college and his schedule is pretty hectic so at first he is not sure if he can be my partner here, so Plan B. I pm-ed a friend (Hi Zaza!) and asked help if she can ask some of her Pole guy friends if they can model with me for the concept. Zaza was really helpful and accomodating. I did tell her that this is just Plan B just in case Kuroseirei could not push through.

In the end Kuroseirei was available for the shoot date so problem solved. Thanks to Zaza again for being such a dear and helped me to form the Plan B :3 maybe someday I will get to shoot with your hot Pole guys friends ahahahahahahahahaha. imsuchapervideservetoburninhell =)))

The concept is about a Lady Boss and her male Assistant. 

The Lady Boss
Yup that is me as the Lady Boss. Good thing I have a dress that could is corporate but sexy. This dress was bought impulsively for another shoot (a cosplay one). It's a dress from Forever21 and it was on sale. Rui babe chose it for me and it fit me perfectly. Thank you Rui babe!

The Assistant
Look at Kuroseirei. Oh hello there. I swear my friends went gaga when they saw this photo. His shot was more popular than mine when we started uploading photos in Facebook. Hahahahahahaha. 

So what's the concept? Well... it starts here.

*cough* *ahem* yes this shoot went there. And NO! This is not 50 Shades of Grey inspired. Like I mentioned it was this photo from Dark Beauty Magazine. Though it screams 50 Shades in the following photos..... definitely NOT inspired by that.

The most popular shot is actually this shot:

This concept was called Bare Und Legal. Thank you to Red Studios for accommodating us. To Bri Rodelas for getting awesome shots, directing and well yes conceptualizing this with me and lastly Kuroseirei for being such a dear and putting up with all of this. Hahaha you are such a sport. 

To view the rest of the photos in this series you can view here though the MATURE filter is on and you might not be able to view it if you are not logged-in and 18 + years old.

You can also view it here, any 13 + years old can view it but I advise VIEWER'S discretion especially the minors!

Concept ShootConcept (c) Sese Ostara & Bri RodelasThe Lady Boss | Sese (Cosplay Page)The Assistant | Lanz "...
Posted by Sese (Cosplay Page) on Monday, March 16, 2015
Annnndddddddddddd I present to you a short BTS video of how Bri tied Kuroseirei up. Sorry no subtitles as I was speaking in Filipino but Filipino viewers you will hear me denying it's my concept lol. Well technically Bri and I conceptualize it, I was denying it in the video just so that Kuroseirei won't kill me in putting him in that positions. LOLOLOLOL =)))



More blogs about my conceptual shoots. Hope you enjoyed this one!

Lady Boss |
Sese Ostara
The Assistant | Kuroseirei
Photography (c) Bri Rodelas

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